Monday, October 31, 2011

R.I.P Nayla Blue

Nayla Blue, yes the surname is Blue.

We adopted Nayla (was formerly known as Sprite) from someone together with her sister Emily Blue (then Coke).

Emily died not very long after we adopted them. Tapi sempat la jugak Emily gave birth to some kittens that were given away after that. Tapi Nayla lived for so long after given birth twice, I think.

Nayla was a very lovable cat. She was very loving, she loved being around people, She would lick you, grab your finger and lick it, she would sit near you. She loved everyone that calls her name, that is why she was a lovable cat. Everyone loves her, including the new family member, my husband.

Few months back, she fell sick. Some virus attacked her organs one by one. However, she was still eating very well. So that's why the vet said there's no reason for us to put her to sleep. Because she was eating and she wasn't in pain.

But the vet said that there's nothing else we could do to help her. She was 11 years old, she was very very old, there is no point doing any surgery or whatnot. Just leave her and let the virus attacked the organs one by one until she die. That was exactly what the vet said. But my mom tak puas hati, went and get second opinion from another vet.

That new vet gave her some medicine and soon, dia nampak macam sangat sihat. She was clean, mata tak banyak taik mata.. macam kucing yang tak sakit. So we thought that she was getting better.

Not long after that, on 28/10/11, she was nowhere to be traced during the day. So my maid didnt manage to catch her to put her to the cage to sleep. Late at night when my husband and I were walking to the stairs, we heard her crying very loud like she was in pain. She was under the dining table. I tried to carry her, but she was struggling like her stomach was really in pain, so I let her go. I knew instantly that she was gonna die the next day (Pets will not want their owner to see them die)

She didnt come to me like she normally did. When you call her, she would run away and go hide at the back of fridge, or under the car, and she didn't even look at us when we called for her. So mom said, she willl take Nayla to the vet again the next day.

29/10/11, husband was in the car waiting for me to get ready and we were supposed to go visit our dear niece at Seri Kembangan. Hubby was in the car waiting for quite sometime with the engine on. Normally cat kan lari when the engine is on? When I came down, I immediately went inside the car without checking under the car ada tak cats.

Hubby reversed the car, looked at his right side to close the gate, and there was Nayla lying on the floor with blood from her face, struggling her last breath. I was crazy shouting around calling for my parents to come down. That was my first time ever seeing a cat die in front of me.

I don't know if we did run onto her, but one thing for sure, we didnt hear anything or didnt feel bumpy like we would have felt if we were to hit her. And muka dia tak lenyek pon, I cannot imagined how it happened. If we really did run onto her it was my fault for not checking out for cats before hubby reversed the car. :( :(

Everybody said that she was gonna die after all, dia menyerah diri untuk dilanggar so that she dies, so that we wont try to save her lagi, maybe she didnt want to live, she lived long enough...11 years of life is like 77 years old in human age.

I believe that she chose me for a reason. She chose me to run onto her, so that I'll remember her for the rest of my life because of the guilt. Maybe she loved hubby so much that she chose to die in front of hubby's eyes and let hubby tanam dia.

Nayla Blue, no other cats act like you. The way you answer when people call your name, like you understand what people say... you'll always be that smart cat in everyone's heart. I love you. Rest in Peace.

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