Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trauma yang melanda

Four days went without driving and so today I started driving to office. I was commuting to office by train after the accident and I got people to drive me around during the weekend. When today I was supposed to take the train, but finally I decided to gather myself together and drive. I don’t quite like taking the train to KL. It takes 20% of my time and 50% of my energy so it formulated to inefficiency at work. I took my brother’s car today and he would have to go to office by train instead. Hehe..

I left home quite early today because I knew I was going to be long on the road. I was driving 80km/hr and I maintained on the middle lane. There was a car in front of me and even though she was driving 70km/hr, tak berani gue nak potong beb! I was still in trauma. I was driving like a 50 yr old aunty on her way to the pasar. Everytime nak brake kereta, I kept thinking that I could not brake on time, and I kept imagining the incident.

My grandma was admitted to the hospital last night and was released today. So my mummy ajak me to go visit my grandma at her place. I promised her that I would be back by 8 but I actually left the office at 8. huhu.. Janji auditor! Dengan keadaan masih trauma, I was still driving like a 50 yr old aunty coming back from pasar.

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