Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bridal Spa hunting - DONE

I have always wanted spa session to be one of my fixed activity monthly. I would like to pamper myself, once in a while get people to scrub you, mandikan, even sapukan lotion on your that's nice. Macam anak raja.

Tapi sebab masa tidak mengizinkan, so tak pernah la ada masa nak buat spa as a monthly activity. Sampaila sejak sejak nak kawin ni, mahu tak mahu, ada masa atau tidak, I HAVE to make time for it! So I started searching to spa yang ada dikawasan klang valley. Spa memang banyak, but depends on what type of spa you'd like to do. Most spa yang ada macam aromatherapy kinda thing, macam modern modern la. Tapi, untuk brides, I think I'd prefer to go to the traditional ones, which...tak sebanyak the modern types.

I found one yang the nearest to my place, in Kota Kemuning. Made appointment a week in advanced to go for bridal spa consultation together with my friend, Dini, who is also getting married about the same time with me. I noted down the address stated in the blog, googled it and was actually there at the area, called up the lady only to find out, they have actually moved to BUKIT KEMUNING. And they only briefly mentioned that in one of the blog entries.

Adoii.. Dah la jam dalam Kota kemuning tu, not familiar with the place, we left, heading back towards subang. We quickly googled other spa centre, and found one in Sungai Buloh. Thinking that S.B is only somewhere near Curve, from Kota kemuning (Shah Alam), drove to curve, entered S.B masuk dalam lagi on the way to Kuala Selangor, rupanya that place was just belakang Shah Alam. It would have been only 20 minutes drive from Subang, but it took us an hour plus..oh my...

Tapi tempat tu... worth it giler!

There are lotsa packages, you can choose from Package A to Package E.

The package that we chose, started with infra red sauna for half hour.

Both of us went in together. Heheh.. So we gossiped like oh my god! that was really fun!

Next, bila liang-liang roma dah terbukak, dia lulur badan with beras and ntah apa lah kan, haha can't remember. (No picture, sorry huhu), lepas about 20 minutes, dah kering, she scrubbed your body like nobody's business. Best giler, memang terkeluar lah segala daki-daki.

Lepas tu rinsed, then did body bleaching. Nama je body bleaching, tapi bukan la bleach macam Michael Jackson tu ye. It is more for making your body glowy. Disapukan seluruh badan.. Sementara dia menyental badan, adoiii terasa malu seketika. She could feel the stiffness of my body while she sapukan that thing on my body. Malu ok. Segala lemak-lemak bergetaran.

And then mandi susu for half hour lagi. Berendam dalam susu mixed with roses and lime.

Masa berendam tu, dia tutup lampu, pasang lilin, bau lavender n roses n susu, rendam..layan perasaann ..hehe

After that, berendam dalam jacuzzi plak. Then shower. After that dia sapukan lotion seluruh badan. SO FRESH!

The total cost was RM260 for almost 4 hours there. Everything else except bleaching is only RM170. Bleaching tu tak yah la tiap bulan kan.

They also offer bridal spa for ratu sehari for the price of rm350 dengan facial, facial kollegen, scrub, mandi bunga, mandi susu, sauna, berinai, be done 1 week before wedding.

And the best part is, orang yang buat menyental, membasuh, mencuci your body is the owner, Kak Rozie. Dia turun padang, tak main la bagi the inexperience staff to do for you.

Overall, I think her packages are quite reasonable. And it is not very far from Subang. Sebenarnya saya malas nak buat survey lagi.. but because this lady pun very nice, staff pon baik baik..price ok.. I don't mind going there again.

Checkout DF Nusantara in Saujana Utama.

Kulit jadi sangat licin, dan lembut seperti bayi yang baru dilahirkan. chewah! :)

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