Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Favourite photos in 2010

Throughout 2010, I have collected some photos from friends and families yang comel, yang funny, yang sweet, segala expression dan perasaan ada bila tengok these pictures.

Arissa Dania...tido macam mana tu?
I just looooooove this photo. Both daughter and dad like in love with each other. so sweet.

Nana...this picture is damn cool. like she is enjoying every bit of the run and she made it to the end, and it felt great!

Lulu Alani...she is an adult but jelma dalam badan baby..look at her shoes.  :)

Sangat aman dia tido, macam masih dalam perut. what i like about this picture is his chubby cheeks and tangan berlipat

Ok, this is from Fotofreaks, the groom, is one of the owner

Sophia Nadine, first time naik baby seat.. sengsara je muka dia.
Lulu Alani, like Bunda, like daughter
Emir, tengok dia tido, giler nyenyak.
Aww..the sweetest

My favourite couple..on the billboard ke apa nih. sweet!

Tadi Lulu Alani in love dengan papa dia, now merajuk. love-hate relationship.
Lulu Alani likes to do that..
Raessa says 'bluek...'
She has a loveable face...
Raessa says "Ah, dont kacau me, I want to shleep'
This is a one yr old baby!!!! big and cute! Daddy hopes u turn out to be Shania Twain one day

OK, ni comel. Rasanya kepala dia tak patah lagi kot.

:) Looking back at my collections in 2009, some of these babies in the photos had been in my collection previously. Forever comel lah you.

Let's kumpul for 2011!


Dina said...

someone's broodyyyy ;)

the love-hate lulu-adri so cutee kann

Izrin said...

oh, i lagi suka gambar yg dorang in love tuu..comel sgt.. ;)

Azman said...

ali dah tengok update ni? mesti ketaq lutut banyak sangat gambar baby.

myra said...

izrinnn.. so sweet of u to have my babies pictures in here.. i thank u on behalf of them. arent u such a sweetheart! muahh.. happy new year darling.. insyaAllah next year akan ade gambar izrin's newborn.. hehe

Izrin said...

azman: hahah...ketaq tak ketaq laa. reality.:p

Myra: aww thank u! insyaAllah..doakan next yr, amin! (ali ketaq lutut lagi..) :P

Dina said...


Ms Road Runner said...

babes!!! i just saw my pic!!! so sweet of you to feature it here... thanks! :D

(itu muka kaki dah sakit gile tapi still happy sampai finish line) ;)

Honey said...

omg sis. I was sooo gonna comment the same thg! Someone's broody!!!! hahahaha....

May you get your own little Japanese dolls soon. Aminnn....

And I didn't know we were your fav couple? So sweeettt...

Izrin said...

nana: i mmg like tht photo, soo inspiring :)

dini: :) :) u R my fav couple.. hehe

Aziati Wan Haron said...

hahahahaha popular okay LULU ehehehe

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