Sunday, December 5, 2010

Engagement - Part 1

I would say that I did not spend much time doing surveys for my engagement. Like some other bride-to-be would do. Not because I did not have time, I was just pure lazy to think of the whole engagement thing.
Hantaran, baju, mini pelamin, house deco, food, khemah, guests, makeup, photographer, dan banyak lagi nak fikir. So I just left it to my mom who knows a lot of people and she can sweet-talk too, so sometimes she gets things cheap her own way :)

These are the hantarans, 7 dulang membalas 5 dulang presented by the boy's side.

Mini pelamin konon ala-kayangan, wasnt expected it to be like that. I didnt have any theme or any specific choice in mind. Just left it to the guy, and he did it all. But alhamdulillah, I loved it so much. Although initially, I did not want to have any pelamin.. I wanted it to be traditional, let the mom come in to my room and sarungkan cincin in my room. Gaduh la dengan parents macam mana pun, they prefer to have the pelamin, so ok there you go.

Baju tunang ni from syaiful baharim. Saya sangat puas hati! I didnt want my engagement to look like nikah (altho some would say that it does), tapi alhamdulillah, i chose the right color other than white and cream. So tak la nampak macam kawin sangat. But the most important thing is, i love the cutting and the design. it didnt make me look so fat, and dia tak banyak sangat beading on the body...which i like so much!

Makeup was done by one lady who works in TV3, introduced by my friend, zetty. Malas nak pikir punya pasal, i straight away took the same lady who did for zetty's engagement and nikah. It was worth it too.

Rombongan sampai with their dulang. Terpaksa menyempit dalam teratak yang kecil ni. The discussion wasn't long. Mainly because both our sides have agreed on the dates and venues and stuff. So it was just purely for formalisation, they mentioned them again.

While discussion, masuklah satu pak haji ni , an ustaz called by my dad to bacakan doa. He was dressed like pak kadi, and the boy's side macam terkedu seketika. Macam upacara nikah dah ni.  My father said jokingly, "Kalau Ali ada ni, I dont mind to nikah kan aje. Lagi bagus. Save duit! semua dah ada." OMG, nasib baik the boy was not there..Kalau tak, sure berpeluh panic.

Upacara kemuncak, sarung cincin by my future MIL. Dia kata dia panic naik atas pelamin tu. Sebab banyak cameraman. Tak biasa, hehe comel!

Aalhamdulillah, upacara doa, dilakukan oleh ustaz yang macam tok kadi tu.

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