Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SCSM 2010

2010 is not a running year for me. I have registered myself in less than 10 runs and showed up at 8 runs only I think. But since joining the SCSM 2009 last year, I knew I had to join the run again this year. It was very well organised as expected. But overall, last year might have been a better event. Firstly, the sporting goods exhibition they had last year was not included this time. Runners looking forward to shop at comically low prices merchandise will be disappointed.

Ayman and I decided to drive this time around, (we took a flight last year). We left KL at approximately 0400 Saturday and reached Larkin Bus Station about 0800. We got to Singapore just before 1000. We knew the race kit collection will begin as early as 0900, so we headed straight to 'The Float @ Marina' to collect the kit. On our way there I snapped these amazing building and playing field.

We checked in at a youth hostel named G4 Station Backpackers near Little India MRT Station. I would rate the place a 7.5/10, mainly because of its strategic location and cleanliness.

Friendliness of the personnel is not as good as the Hives Backpackers and the rooms are really tiny. I bumped my head several times on the bunk bed frame.

I called the night in at around 2215 and woke up at 0450, but continued to sleep in while telling myself "sedapnya selimut ni sejuk2 tido balik la, mamat kat atas ni kalau bangun die gerak la aku, kalau tak sambung je la tido". And at 0505 both of us was awaken by our alarm clocks. We got ourselves ready and took the 2nd train from Little India to Harbour Front.

I got to the starting line just at the right time, and by then thousands of runners are already there.

The route chosen this year was very tourist oriented as it covered the whole of Sentosa Island including their famous Universal Studios. However I was in and out of Universal Studios in 12 minutes approximately.

But there are some stretches where the road gets really narrow and for people eyeing for a PB will definitely get agitated. I am not affected since I was merely enjoying the whole thing.

Along the run I felt really hungry and felt like breaking wind a couple of times and I did it at strategic points. Firstly at the Sentosa Coach Depot where it was noisy and filled with coach's emission, secondly when there was an ambulance on emergency and finally towards the finishing line next to a line of coaches along the roadside.

*DISCLAIMER: the next paragraph could be disturbing to some readers
But what was really disturbing was this one female runner, I think she may have suffered from a bad meal the night before. I saw a brownish patch at her left cheek bum which looked a lot like poo at first glance. I thought to myself she might have sat at a muddy area while stretching or had her chocolate flavoured gel burst, but the smell that followed as she run past by confirmed it was poo! Yikes! She should have wash it off at the water station at least. Don't leave it to dry up.

I crossed the finish line at an unimpressive turtle timing of 3h 26m 14s. I am just glad to have finish it. This turtle timing is an indication that full marathon is not going to be attempted anytime soon.

We left Singapore at around 1500 and reached Larkin at 1600. We got back in KL safely at 2000. We surprised ourselves that we could survive the long drive after a run earlier that morning. :p

Well Done to ALL runners who participated and I look forward to SCSM 2011 with my wife by that time InsyaAllah. :)

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Izrin said...

knp u tak amik gambar pompuan yg terkincit tuuuuu??? haha :p next yr, we go together ok insyaAllah... congratulations for finishing the race with zero training..i knew u cud do it...:)

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