Saturday, December 11, 2010

Impulse purchase

I have been keeping the intention to buy a new handbag to work for so long now. I know I should just replace my old bag. Been using it for two years, the same bag, 5 days a week, for TWO years. I am the type that keeps 1 bag and use it sampai rabak baru nak beli baru. Rabak until macam ni.

Seriously I donno what the hell I do until it becomes like this. Maybe because I take it all the time with me, sometimes I carry my pencil case in there, my water bottle, my heavy wallet, my tags (I have plenty of client's tags). Ok.. that doesnt count cz it doesnt add to the weight. Ouh.. SOMETIMES... just sometimes, i put my laptop in there!! *-_-*

Ali always NAG at me, to take care of my stuff. He said I donno how to handle things. Beli mahal-mahal, lepas tu rabak. Hey, to my defence, this is THE ONLY office handbag I have, and I dont have a permanent workplace, I travel a lot, and I need my stuff to be carried with me. Fair, right. So two years IS a good number.

Recently I changed my purse that Ali bought for me many years back from Braun Buffel. He said that was the first expensive gift he had ever given to any girls before. And now it became like this.

So Ali has this perception that I donno how to take good care of things :(. He said he is not gonna buy me a new designer bag to replace my DKNY. Oh I love dkny so much, the only brand that I am always drooling over for handbags. So he bought me a Vincci purse, which I also like lah, to replace my buffel. Although for handbags, I believe that if he refused to buy a new designer, I am very adamant to get it myself. I think it's not because of the's self satisfaction! Because I love dkny's designs for bags. I can go without Coach, LV or Gucci (because I dont really like the brand names written all over the bag), but it's kinda hard to resist dkny. For me lah.

But today however, changed my persistency in looking for new dkny. Because I found this.

It has a simple design that I like, with the right color, the right size, definitely cannot put a laptop inside, so I won't have the chance to do it, and if I get bored, or if it is easily worn out or tattered, or if I decide to force a laptop inside and spoil it, I can always buy a new one without much hesitation. Because it is very cheap!!! It is only 10% of my previous bag. And it is new arrival!

Most importantly, it is environmental friendly. They did not give paperbag for the purchase, I got this instead. So next time I can use it for future shoppings.

Ok, saya jakun baru tahu Charles & Keith itu murah. Tak mahu jadi bodoh lagi to buy a 1k bag only to get it lusuh after a year. Baiklah, saya mengaku saya tak tahu jaga barang :(


farhana said...

hehehe k.yeen klakar laa.
hey the shoes at c&k pon really nice kot! *drools

Izrin said...

ya ya ya.. i love them too... but they are very hip and hop. untuk org muda mmg cantik.. i feel so old for the heels :p hahahmy choice is always Mr crocodile:)

farhana rahim said...

hehehe. d heels are classy. but then ur not THAT old kot! stil can wear what. hehe.
nways ritu de sales x?

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