Monday, December 27, 2010

AFFcup 2010 Final in Bkt Jalil

I was definitely not a stadium virgin. I have been to football stadiums to watch matches a couple of times when I was little. Back then, the atmosphere was absolutely different than what I experienced last Sunday at the Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Malaysia v Indonesia is probably a match that nobody in this country would ever want to miss it, especially those who enjoys watching football. What more if it’s a final match. I believe that tickets were all sold out as the stadium was so full, and I have never seen any stadium that is as packed.

From the twitter updates, the roads to Bukit Jalil have started to get jammed up since 11am. We decided to drive to Salak Selatan, Cheras and take the train from there which was about 4 stations away from Bukit Jalil.

Let me tell you how semangat I was. Two days before the event we have been searching high and low for the original Malaysia yellow jersey, but to no avail. So takpe la, just wear any baju that we have first and we intended to buy any t-shirts at the stadium (Ali refused to buy the imitation jersey, semangat kan? *clap clap*)

When we reached the stadium, there were so many people, and it was only 3.30pm. We bought ourselves a t-shirt each that says “Tanah tumpahnya darahku”

I also bought stickers for my face. Semangat tak  -_- Kalau bukan kerana panas terik dah nak mampos kat luar tu, I would have painted my face with Malaysian flag color. Tapi tak larat laaaa…It was soo hot and I was sweating like a piglet.
Nampak tak gambar harimau :( First time tatau guna sticker, so rosak..heheh

We decided to go in early. So we can find the best spots. Out seats were just next to the VIP. Ok tak la next to VIP, next to the sponsors who were seated next to the VIPs, chewah.. nak jugak! Anyways.. why I said this, is because the players keluar masuk from our side. So the best part was when the players went out for warming up, then on the way to go back in, Safee Sali was looking at my seating area (not me, but my seating area). I was waiving at him (nobody else did, because I noticed either people were clapping hands or waiving the flags, but NOBODY waived with hands, only I DID) and Safee waived back at me. (Sukati lah nak perasan! :p)
Where we sit

Malaysia vs Indonesia

As early as 5pm

At 6pm
At 7pm

Our players came out sekejap untuk amik feeeeeel of hte atmosphere
Our players warming up

Indonesian players, tatau knp they chose the colour, maybe celebrate Christmas :)
Despite of the players gets 'boo'ing from Malaysian supporters, I think we are generally nice that we still allow them to hang all these posters and banners to show their support. I wonder how la if we were at their place, takut kene bakar jer.

Indonesian supporters

Our neighbour yang semangat satu family!
Well I am sure everybody knows about the laser incident. To me it couldnt be the factor for the lost. If Malaysia had lost the game, we would have said the same thing, that the indonesian players were throwing down bottles to the players who were taking corner kicks. But the fact is, they have got nothing to do with the performance of the players. Even the coach of Indon players admitted that. Read here. SO STOP IT OK!!!!!! THEY WERE GOOOOOD..!
When we scored our first goal
The clebration up to the third goal...


Sorak lagi-sorak lagi

People shouting "satu lagi!"

The best game ever.... Even Ali admitted it to be better than watching Liverpool matches. This was awesome I tell you. I wish I can go to Indonesia to watch the game over there for the second final. I wish I could witness the victory live! Tapi takper.. semangat itu penting.

I pray that there will be sufficient number of Malaysian supporters watching the match live in Indonesia. I pray for their safety, while at the stadium, selamat pergi dan balik. And the most important thing is for our Malaysian players to be well prepared, more energetic, dont panic, balik dengan piala. Please score at least 1.

I believed in you even before everybody ever did. Because I am your number 1 fan! :)


Ms Road Runner said...

thanks for this update babe! it's overwhelming to know the 'semangatness' our our nation for the team since it has been a while kan...

i hope that this will bring back the glory days of malaysian football back in the 1970s :)

kudos to the team! and malaysia definitely boleh! ;)

ps: some of the players are cute but muda :P

Izrin said...

oh yeessss!!! mmg semangat, n i loved every single moment of being there. btw, yes, mmg byk cute but they r much younger la i think. :) but we ourselves pon tak la tua mana.. ahaks!

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