Saturday, December 4, 2010


Itulah tajuk Ali's message when he sent me this photo from Singapore.

Honestly, I haven't seen him run for quite some time. When I asked him, have you been training? His answer would be, "yes". I asked him, "when and what do you do?" He would say "malam-malam, angkat weights". THAT is his training. Angkat weights.

However, I dont worry much about him. Although with zero training, he has always managed to finish his run, always managed to bring back medal. With his strong will, insyaAllah, walaupun sakit kaki, tempang-tempang he will try to finish. Tak laju takper, asalkan habis, dapat medal, and puas hati.

I wish him all the best. Hopefully this time, dia akan habis lagi.

Come back home safe.

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