Friday, October 30, 2009

Bantu lah wanita ini

Please have a read on this article.

Wan Aishah cekal hadapi dugaan

The family is seeking some financial support, so please do support wherever possible. The least we can do it to extend our prayers for her and her family. Semoga mereka dapat teruskan hidup dengan tabah.

I know this lady personally as I am a friend of her daughter. It is soo sad to know about her condition and as a friend, I cannot imagine the things that she has to go through.

My brother was once a cancer patient. I can still remember how I felt when the doctor broke the news. And I can still recall those sleepless nights when I just quietly asked from God to take me instead.

But this.... this is different. It's her mother. Tempat bermanja, tempat mengadu, tempat bergurau....... I really hope that she can be strong, so her mother can be as strong as her. When there's sthrength, happiness, there are always brighter chance of getting cured. Atau sekurang-kurangnya...sakit tu tak rasa...

Permudahkan lah, Amin.

We are in the midst of collecting funds to be donated to her family. So for those who are interested to donate kindly email me at or you can call the number shown in the article.

1 comment:

Ali said...

semoga beliau tabah dan cekal mengharungi cabaran dan dugaan hidup...never give up

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