Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's not that simple

10 Minute Fat Burning Exercise - by Marie Claire

1 MINUTE Jog in place.

1 MINUTE Stand while holding weights vertically in your hands, arms stretched out. Now pretend you're sitting down on a chair, hold for three counts, then get back up, bringing the weights toward your chest. Repeat.

1 MINUTE Holding the weights, get in a semisquat position, spine at 45 degrees, back flat, arms hanging straight down, perpendicular to the floor. Now bend your elbows (so they're pointing up at the ceiling) and lift weights toward your chest; hold. Slowly lower weights to original position. Repeat.

3 MINUTES Take your hand weights, arms by your side. Step right foot forward into a lunge; hold as you slowly bring up your weights in a bicep curl; return to original position. Now, while pivoting, step to the left (still with your right foot); hold; return. Continue for two more rotations until you're back to where you started. Now repeat entire revolution with the left foot forward.

1 MINUTE Do push-ups on the floor or against the wall.

3 MINUTES Drop to the floor for a core hold: With forearms and toes on floor, keep spine straight and abs held in. Hold for one minute. Then release and stretch back into a yoga child's pose: Sit back on your shins and reach your arms to the floor in front of you. Repeat core hold.

What you'll get in four weeks: Toned arms; jeans that fit better.


Azman said...

Jessica Albab

KOOKY KASH said...

Babe, you missed out on the other half. Nutrition. We cant get a bikini body without changing our diet.

This exercises are just for toning. You need to add cardio in there somewhere.

Good luck in your quest for a bikini body. Me too actually, hahhaha…

Ali said...

maybe u can try it together with brisk walking / jogging...:)

Izrin said...

Azman: Alba + debab? :p gambar alba tu saja jer.. motivation yang dah tak termotivated dah..:p

Kak Kash: Tu yang susah tu.. haha.. makan tu nikmat dunia.. :p bikini body tu tak la kot.. haha

Ali:i'll do that. (tolong la doakan i supaya i tak malas..pls pls pls...:p)

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