Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ramadhan 2009 visit

Visit to the KK3 ward at the pediatric HKL is an annual event for my family. It all started when my brother was released from that ward 10 years ago.

My brother was diagnosed of a lymphoma cancer when he was 13. We were at my kampong in Ipoh when he started to moan that he couldn’t move a muscle.

He started to complaint that he couldn’t ‘buang air besar’ and his stomach was in pain months before that. My parents took him to a couple of GPs, but they failed to identify the symptoms.

Until when whatever that’s inside his stomach burst, and he couldn’t move at all, that we rushed him to the nearest hospital. He had undergone an emergency operation. There was a growth in his big intestine that had spurt and the surgeon cut the intestine to throw the tumor. Potong sejauh mana yang boleh dilihat dengan mata kasar. So his intestine now becomes very short.

A week later, he was transferred to the pediatric KK3 ward in HKL for further treatment. He did chemotherapy and other treatments necessary in that ward. He had spent the whole of his 14 year old life in that hospital with my mother by his side. My mom almost resigned from work as she couldn’t commit to her job but luckily she has got a very understanding boss. She was given the flexibility to come to work whenever she thinks she can, and no cut in her salary. Semoga Allah memberkati rezeki Dato’ Harun Bin Ali.

So my mother was practically living in that ward and she had undergone a different kind experience that one could never get elsewhere. In that ward, there was no difference in races or wealth. Everybody had a cancer kid to look after, and everybody go through the same hardship and sacrifices. And they go through it all together. Every other day, they witnessed death; they witnessed other kids getting released from the ward, everything is like a normal scene to them.

Alhamdulillah, after 10 years, my brother now is a healthy guy. Terlebih sihat orang kata. Semua atas berkat kesabaran dan pengorbanan both my parents, doa family and friends, help from the hospital staff and doctors.

And for that reason, this visit is like an annual event for my family in the beginning and later joint by some other friends who are interested to contribute in terms of money and assistance. Thank You.

During the times when I was in the UK, my best friend Zetty had been the one assisting my mother in buying presents and accompanied her to the hospital. Thank You, babe.

Presents for the kids are from Toys ‘R’ Us, and duit raya to the kids are from accumulation from various contribution by individuals. Extra money held will be used later for jamuan hari raya with the cancer patients.

Here are some photos taken during the visit. In the pictures are my mother, and my friends, Zetty and Nurul.

Thank you, doctors and sisters for having us there.
Till we meet again.

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