Friday, September 25, 2009


Funny that she didn’t shed a tear.
Funny that she thought it all sounded normal to her.

After all these years, she was the one who built him up.
Gave him the desire to continue with life.
Provided shelter when it rains.
Spread her wings when the world turns its back against him.

She recollected.

She is just a simple girl from a small family, growing up in a big town. She was not a bright student, but she sure has clear ambition. She always wanted to start her life big. She wanted to have big family, she has always wanted to obtain big qualification, possess big position, and hold a big career path. She has always wanted to study abroad, get married to an engineer or a lawyer and work as professionals.

She fantasizes living in a hectic life in a big city like London and speak French fluently. She dreams of having a big home in Kensington, hire a chauffeur to drive her kids to school, have a big holiday mansion in Spain, and be someone prominent in the society she lives in.

But life is not perfect. Nothing is perfect.

Disregarding her dreams, but holding on to her ambition..

She could live without the mansion in Spain, without a chauffeur to drive her kids to school, and she could just live in a small 2-bedroom home in Shah Alam, settles with only Malay and English as her daily language, living in the chaotic and unruly Kuala Lumpur.

But she cannot just work as clerk and get married to an office boy and just be thankful that she is still earning. She had set that goal, and she will live every minute of her life en route for the ambition. She will get up if she fails; she will fight, and will not be defeated. She can forgo her beautiful dreams, but not her ambitions.

She will not be overpowered. Not even by love.

She realized now that she can’t control the surroundings to accommodate for her goal. She has got to go out and look for the right surroundings for the same goal.


Anonymous said...

i knew a girl who always wants things in her way , not willing to compromise and whining all the time. She herself is not that pretty and rich but always demand many things from her bf . His bf , willing to compromise and do at his best to fulfill what her gf wants , he doesnt even complaint a single thing about his gf because he do loves and accept her as what she is.But sometims dia rasa macam all his effort is not appreciated.Bukan nak suruh sembah sujud , belanja sana sini , tapi a simple thank you pun dah cukup.

kenapa lah takleh cermin muka sendiri dulu , sedar tak sedar diri sendiri tuh camner sebelum nak sibuk pasal orang lain ? girls please , support your bf/husband . itu jer yang diorang nak , jgn sibuk komplen sana sini ,kutuk2 .kalo nak kritik pun bagi la yg membina.

guys plak jgn asyik cakap je pandai , dah cakap tu , buat la .

sorry ter emo plak. :P walalupun takder kena mengena dgn entry ni sgt. tapi sajer nak share , lega.

selamat hari raya to u Izrin and Ali .

Mr O

Izrin said...

Hi Mr O,
thank u for sharing. :) what u said is right.

girls memang always have big dreams. to be pretty and rich (either by getting a rich husband or being rich herself).

my short opinion, semua orang ada own dreams and aspirations. tak salah for a girl to have big dreams and expect it from her man. but she must get the right man to expect it from. to me, everybody is made for someone.

if it doesnt work for her bf, it might work out for someone else. so in that girl's case, she shud go out and find another boy that loves her for who she is, that will fulfill her dreams, there are men out there who'd think that she's pretty (beauty is subjective). and for the guy, he shud go out and look for another simple girl that would suit him well.

yes, women shud support their men. but men in return shud also give their women some pride. must always try to improve himself, not just to settledown with whatever he has and expect the woman to accept for who he is. i think we've got to be fair with each other.

again, thanks for that piece of mind. selamat hari raya to u too Mr O, ikhlas from me and Ali. :)

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