Friday, September 11, 2009

What The F

What The FAT?!?!??!! provides us the nutritional information about the top and delicious fast food chain and restaurants.

Most of them are shockingly fattening. The amount of fat and calories are off the charts!!! A whole day meal of Breakfast at McDonalds, Lunch at Carl's Jr and Dinner at Chillis for example will provide you the same amount of energy for almost 2 days! Madness!!!!

I know for the fact that these foods are indeed insanely good albeit could be a little bit disgusting. But you can't help feeling terrible looking at a sight of a 400lb man eating away those burritos or burgers and downing them with triple milkshake without feeling worried about his 'health'. For all we know he is pissing it out of the window if his diet is made up of those food.

Eating healthy is a matter of preference and discipline. But what is more important is to have a balanced diet and lifestyle. Its OK to once in a while 'enjoy' those crazy burgers and sandwiches but make sure we have it sparingly and not develope cravings for these sinful meals.

We only have ourselves to blame if we do not take good care of our health and physical condition. Americans are the fattest nation in the world but I think Malaysia is catching up. It is true since we are having the Biggest Loser Show soon in this region.

That show will have a tough time finding participants in Africa compared to Malaysia. Even the National Heart Institute is expanding, parallel with the waistline of general Malaysians. We at times take healthy diet for granted. This must be avoided and if possible stop gradually.

Just look at how Malaysians feast on food during Ramadhan, it may not come as a surprised that those new clothes for Eid may not even fit come the end of Ramadhan. In future people will not ask how much weight you lost by fasting, instead they will ask how much you gained.


Izrin said...

HAHA...omg, r u talking about moi???? HAHAHA.. i came from a fat family. hence, the fat.

but u're right hun. we have to cut those fats. u said i cant qualify for the Biggest Loser show, but soon i'll be.


bye bye mcd.

but. can we go to burger king one last time..(,")

Ali said...

was not talking about you or your family one in your family is 400lb pun...never say goodbye...sometimes we need to indulge in those fun and comforting yet disgusting food :)

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