Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stress release

Been in hell in the past weeks with tight deadlines after one to another. Time has been very unfair to me and all those sleepless nights have brought me nothing but weariness. At this point in time, I am really-really tired. And broke! Haha.. I am currently stationed at Menara Great Eastern, Jalan Ampang. Although the mall is just next door to the office, there’s nothing much to eat there, really. Everything is overly priced and we don’t really have much choice for food. On average, I spend RM 30 daily and working 14 hours a day would normally requires you to spend more because you tend to eat more and you’re prone to buying junks at Cold Storage.

Yesterday after the closing meeting we had with client, we were invited to Alexis for lunch. That was the third time I’ve ever visited Alexis. It’s really not a place that I’d prefer to go for good food. However, me and team-mates were very much pleased to be invited to join our big bosses as well as Great Eastern Chief Finance Officer, the Head of Finance and the Accountant. When I looked at the menu, I knew instantly that I was going to order pasta. Of course the CFO told us to order anything that we’d like to. But it looked and sounded rather odd when all the big bosses ordered Asian dish with warm water while we, the small nuts had the intention to order the western instead that would costs almost RM 20 more than any Asian dishes. So reluctantly, my colleagues started to order nasi briyani and kebab. I couldn’t make up what to order as I really wanted the pasta instead, and so I was contemplating. Unexpectedly, my senior who thinks that all expensive food are good, ordered a cabonara. Ah, what the hell, instantly, I made up my mind and ordered angelhair aglio olio and so did my other friends who subsequently changed their order.

My pasta came with two big yabbies and it sure did look expensive. Everybody was looking at me and said “wah, Izrin’s one looks nice ho?”.. Yes, Miss Wong, if only your boss knew how much it costs him..! :p



KOOKY KASH said...

Food kat Alexis sedap wei…But both times I was there was for my company's dinner (all 80+ of us). Too overpriced I felt for normal folks like us. But though expensive I felt the food was worth the price. Lain kali no qualms of sapu-ing when it comes to company dinner lah…hehehe.

Izrin said...

sedap ke kak kash? ok-ok lah..they said the sarawak laksa is the main thing ppl wud order there, but honestly, i thought it tasted like jamu Nona Roguy..:p

the pasta was nice tho.. but for that price and that portion, i'd prefer to go to italianies instead..;) but wth..bukan bayar sendiri..hehe..

Dina said...

hahah. comel la korang. u had to make the first move of ordering somethng u actually want eh? pastu yg lain ikut. lol!
how long will u b working in GE mall Iz? CNY hols pon kerja ke?

Izrin said...

hehe..malu lah when the food datang, sumer org tgk i.. :p i'll be in GE until mid Feb i guess.. CNY pon i keje gak..but i bring my work home la, dekat la ngan ur hse, nanti we can lepak :>

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