Saturday, January 17, 2009

GE 30 (20) KM run 2009

This would be my very first 'race' of year 2009. Like the previous 'preparations', this was not going to be anything different then before. Yeap, 'training' was kept to bare minimal (which is denjeres)- but still hoping to finish it without terbongkang tepi mana-mana longkang or u turn and terus balik umah.

Anyways like always, hoping to meet friends- old and new and to enjoy the scenery rather than the 'run' itself. Have a good run for those participating and have a good Sunday folks.


Izrin said...

i didnt have a good sunday because i had to work!! !@@%%$#^!!

BUT! i was happy to know that u finished ur race in time!! dah la tak training LANGSUNG! n u only pernah lari 21km once before.. so proud of you... (,")

Ali said...

:) thanks hun. Wish you were there.

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