Friday, March 19, 2010

makan lunch

The bill for my lunch.

Well, let me interprete what I actually paid for

Air suam RM0.60
Nasi (half) RM 1
Rendang ayam RM3.50
Sayur RM1.50
Sambal Belacan RM 1
Telur RM 1.50

Whoever charge sambal belacan? Ikut portion pulak tu.
The more you take sambal belacan the more they charge you.

And this is not at some fancy restaurant in KLCC or Pavillion.
It is just in Jalan Lumut, I bet some people wouldn't know where the hell is that.
Mahal Gell Hell Mell!!!


sofwaidatuL said...

aiyakk... gila mahai sambal belacan.. nxt time "abang, takpe la, saya bawak bekal sambal belacan sendiri jek la kalo camni" hahahahaha...

Izrin said...

Tahu takper.. giler cekik darah. berapa sangat la cili tu.

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