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Ijab Qabul review - Waiting for the groom

19 May 2011 (Part 1)

The day started very very early as I could recall. I couldn't sleep well because I wasn't even sleeping on a bed as the katil pengantin was all made up already. And mom said, I have to wait for my husband to sleep on the katil pengantin. So I slept on a daybed in my parent's room. Not that it was uncomfy, but the thought of not sleeping properly on a bed annoys me (just an alasan, maybe I was damn nervous about the wedding that was gonna take place in less than 24 hours time).

My advice to the b2b, PLEASE SLEEP WELL!!!!! Make sure you prepare a tilam that is very comfortable for you to sleep off the nervousness.

I was tired when I woke up (believe me), but when I came down the hall, I saw people already started to work on the pelamin and stuffs. I forgot about the nervousness and started to be excited again.

The theme for the akad nikah was 'Moroccan wedding - Black and Fuschia Pink'

Outside the foyer was all carpeted and all the chairs and tables from the house was brought out to be utilised by people during dinner

From different angle
Just some decoration for the pond

We adopted the concept of buffet style with stalls

MUA, Kak Saidatulnissa arrived my house with her assistant Kak Liza at 4pm. Both of them are very very nice people, so what you heard about Kak Sai being diva and all sorts are definitely wrong. Kak Sai never talks to you on the phone, Kak Liza always sounds garang, but believe me, they are very friendly in person. But some tips that some people tell me about Kak Sai, jangan buat dia hilang mood, nanti hilang seri pengantin.

Theme colour for the room - white, green and brown (kaler kayu)
Oh, another thing, don't always assume that the MUA will bring her assistant like I did. I thought Kak liza will tag along to assist her and I thought I could just ask her assistant to make up the MOTB, mother of the bride. Unfortunately, Kak Sai was supposed to come alone, because I didn't ask for any assistance. Nasib baik I called and reconfirmed. Kak Liza actually rescheduled her appointment to help me out for my mom.  She was very nice.. and I was very thankful to her. Otherwise, MOTB will have to make up herself.

Malam menjelma, hati mula berdebar kembali. Berdebar sebab apa pon tak tau sebenarnya. Nak kata tak pernah jumpa bakal suami, dah bercinta 6 tahun, nak kata takut persiapan tak betul, dah ada wedding planner. Serious tak tahu kenapa.

Night view of the khemah. 
We put a TV outside, so the people not getting place inside can also watch the akad nikah. We adopted a concept where the guests can start to eat first even before the arrival of the groom. Reason being, it was a Thursday night, so the akad would naturally start very late because the Tok Imam needs to give ceramah first and only come to my house after isya'. So we didnt want people to wait. However, the tables for the groom's family are berhidang and reserved.

Yang slack nya from this is, there was no volume coming out from the TV. So next time (not for me lah :p), must remember to get some audio assistance for the extra TVs or screens. Well it was last minute pun.
The centrepiece for each table
Tables for the groom's family and my VIP (atok-atok and opah-opah saya)
Since it was not a seated dinner, people can laze around makan-makan bersila like arab style at this  side of the house. Brilliant idea! I love it.
I have no comments on the deco, I loved every single area of the house. Like it was transformed. But... Guess what's missing? Meja makan pengantin!!!!!!! OK, I overlooked this and the Wedding planner oso overlooked this!! haiyaaa, no wonder la i hungry sampai esok pagi. So moral of the story, although you have a very reliable wedding planner (believe me mine was very reliable so they said, and he had done a lot of famous weddings), you must always have your own checklist. They too are human.

Well, ok. 

The hantarans are all ready now. Tunggu untuk dibalas jer.

Jam tangan
Cake sponsored by bff Zetty, thank you syg
Casual wear set, baju, pants and belt
Set baju melayu
Wedding ring
Sejadah and al-Quran
Sirih junjung
All the hantarans are ready
Almost done

Always the first to arrive, love you babe!

So thankful to my girlfriends, walaupun hari kerja, they were there before the groom arrive. Tapi yang tak bestnya, by the time they arrived, the cameramen already left my room, to capture the photos of the guests and also getting ready for the groom. If I can turn back time (and if I had extra bajet, ahaha) I would hire a photographer to stand just near me and my girlfriends. Well, I had the intention, but the cost wiiiiuuueee, out of my bajet laa.. so harap gambar kengkawan je la to remind me that these girls actually came to my akad nikah. 
Zetty, Ashik, Syikin, ShoN, Aliaa, Dini and Nana - Pemberi semangat
All ready
Take a peek
Dalam hati, "mana pengantin ni, perut dah lapar nih". Pengantin, please makan dulu sikit before make up. Sekian.

photo courtesy: Samsultahir, the official photographer, and Nana and Jannah


DalilaMian said...

hey babe!lame dah tak tgk u update..anyway congrats again..such a BEAUTIFUL nikah night..bestnye dpt Kak sai jd MUA u..personally do u like her make up on u?

Izrin said...

hi babe!! yea.. very busy!! haha, br nak adapt to the life of a wife. chewah. thanks for the compliment. yea, i was kinda lucky that i cud get her, sapa je kawin khamis mlm jumaat kan. hehe.. personally, i like her make up on me, n byk org kata dia buat muka berseri, cuma, dia tak byk buad shading to my face yg bolat ni, so.. nampak la muka round, tp kalau dh bulat, nak buat camne kan, hehe.. but overall, i liked it.. prolly the best among all three events.

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