Monday, January 25, 2010


Have not been updating the blog.
Have not been dating.
Have not been sleeping well.
Have not been eating properly.
Have been working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day.

That’s how busy I have been.
And the most tiring thing to do everyday, is driving back from work in the early morning after hours and hours looking at the computer. And it’s not easy to be driving at 3 am in the morning everyday for 2 weeks consecutively.

So today, when I told Ali that I had to go to client’s place to work, he offered to drive me there and to fetch me home. I was happy.

It was Sunday. A day where you are supposed to relax at home. But I had to work. So I decided to just wear something that I’d normally wear at home. To make myself feel comfortable at work.

Ali cakap skirt ni macam tak cukup kain nak buat pocket.

In my heart, “Tak per la, bukan nak pegi mana pun. Duduk dalam keta je.. then duduk dalam bilik.” I happily matched this ‘pretty’ skirt with my ugly crocs…. To my client’s place.

Then I got to know Ali offered to drive my mom to KL. So the thought that he’s going back and forth KL-Subang a number of times in a day, makes me feel bad. I was sure that he’s gonna be very tired.

Without thinking hard, I called up Ali and said “You don’t have to fetch me from KL. I’ll take the lrt and you just fetch me at Taman Jaya station".

He was reluctant at first, but he finally agreed. That shows that he was really tired. After I hung up, I realized..”Oh shit! my skirt!!!!”

Haihhh.. I was really mad at myself for being so nice. Next time… just let him come and fetch me laaa…

Dengan muka selamba nya I took the lrt with my ugly baju, ridiculous looking skirt and a pair of old crocs, together with my laptop bag and some other bags.

Reached Taman Jaya, I could see Ali was waiting for me in the car. I didn’t know what was on his mind when he looked at me or shall I say when he finally realized what I was wearing to work today.

I didn’t remember much about our conversation in the car, except for the part where he said I looked like Philipino maid with my skirt and my selipar.

Eleh, skirt I darjah 5 lah!! Comel pe...


Dina said...

lol! iz!!!
you crack me up laaa.

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

lol!i boleh bayangkan you dengan muke poyo you, dalam lrt...hahahaha!!!bertuah la you ni!

Ali said...

memang comel pun...skirt 11 year old memang cute2 belaka...
when I was 11 pun my pants still kiko and cape cod...

Izrin said...

hahaha... buruk kan my skirt? giler macam tak cukup kain. poket yg lain2 kain tu yg tak tahan. lol!

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