Saturday, January 16, 2010

Polis trafik

I have always been scared of policemen with white uniforms. This fear had been there since I was young. If I were at the back seat in the car, everytime there’s road blocks or whatever situation that gets my car to be near policemen, I would cover myself with anything, or just go down menyorok at the kaki area. Please don’t ask me why, coz I really don’t know.

First personal encounter with police traffic was when I first got my license. I did not fasten my seatbelt, and unfortunately ada road block.

Police asked, “Nih, saman ni nak bayar sini ke nak bayar balai? Kalau bayar kat balai RM 200. Kalau settle kat sini RM 20".

So, for someone that was new on the road, and the fact that I was scared of police traffic, I answered, “Settle sini”. Gave him RM20, because I was too scared to go to the balai. With my legs shaking, I handed the money which later I managed to find out, that this RM 20 was actually a form of bribe.

Second encounter was when I was driving at 130km/hr at KESAS highway at 2.30am. Ada road block, and kene tahan.

Like a small girl guilty of breaking her mom's flower vase, I cried. Shakingly, I said sorry, tak buat lagi… Huhu.. [YES, I CRIED]

Third encounter was yesterday. I was on mobile phone with Ali while I was driving and was about 3 minutes away to arrive at my destination. Suddenly, a policeman with his kapcai motor stopped me by the roadside.

Police: Kenapa tak pakai headfon?

Me: Saya tukar kereta dengan mak. My headfon dalam keta saya.

Police: Penah kene saman tak ni? Ni mahal ni kene saman.

Me: Mahal macam mana?

Police: RM 200. Nak kene sama tak ni? Susah ni kalau kene saman. [Then he started giving the cons of getting summoned]. Kalau lambat bayar, kene tangkap gambar lagi, pergi court lagi [Ok, it didn’t make sense to me, but, so what?] Kau nak kene saman tak ni?

Me: Kalau tak nak kene saman nak buat camne?

Police: ….belanja..aku……… [I couldn’t really make up what he was saying, only heard belanja.] Aku nak bagi ko chance ni untuk tak kene saman. [This point in time, I realized he wanted me to bribe him].

Me: Takper la, SAMAN je lah! [Dengan berani nya.. saman la, aku report ko mintak aku belanja]

Police: [Pura-pura writing something], Betul ko nak aku saman ko? Aku nak bagi ko chance ko tak nak.”

Now he’s scared of me. Takut kene report of bribery agaknya. Then he gave me back my ID and licence, he said “Nanti pegi beli handset”

And he sped off.
Aku termangu-mangu. Antara relieved dan pelik.

Relieved sebab tak keluar RM200 untuk saman.

Pelik sebab dia suruh aku pergi beli handset. Bukan Headset?

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Ali said...

letak lah gula-gula sebalang dlm time kene tahan polis nak pow...bagi je gula-gula 2-3 bijik.

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