Friday, January 3, 2014

To Get Pregnant Again

Many of us do not know there are things to be prepared before we plan to get pregnant again. I didn't have a single knowledge until I did some research.

I am not gonna talk about how you need to plan your financial, mental preparedness etc.. because I believe, these are the first thing you will think about before you try to conceive again, these do not need to be taught, right?

There are things that I have never heard before, and I am not surprised some mothers that already have more than one child didn't know about this before they tried to conceive again. But if everything went fine, Alhamdulillah.. But tak rugi nak tahu extra things kan for safety measures.

What you need to do?

1. Check with doctor if you still have antibody for German Measles (Rubella) virus THREE months before trying to conceive. Because if you need to be vaccinated again, you have to wait for three months as it contains live viruses. Something like that laa, I am no good in explaining scientific/medical things. Consult your doctor kay. German Measles causes malformations of baby like deafness, blindness or heart disease.

2.  Start folic acid supplement THREE months before trying to conceive. Daily dose of 400mcg to prevent from spina bifida (neural tube defects).

3. Intercourse 2-3 times a week. You don't just get pregnant from one time sex.

Girl or Boy?

Girl - make love up to 2-3 days before ovulation, X sperm that brings this gender live longer. Make love fairly frequent to lower the proportion of make sperm in the semen.

Boy sperm swims faster but smaller and live shorter time.

I guess it is harder to get a boy heheh..

4. Exercise and lose 6kg for fertility I don't know why 6 kg hahaha.. (ok yang ini I doubt sikit) but memang if gemuk susah pregnant.

Yang lain tu terserah kepada tuhan. InsyaAllah..

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