Friday, December 13, 2013

Iris going to turn ONE

My little Iris is turning one this Boxing Day.
I have seen a lot of little progress in her. Like waving goodbye when she hears the word ‘bye bye’,

like pat on her head when she hears the word ‘pusing’  (means headache in indon) or ‘sakit’,

like stretch her head over to me when I say ‘sayang mommy’,

or dance witlessly when you tell her ‘buat lagi, buat lagi’, 

when she picks up something and you say ‘bagi mommy’ she willingly pass it on to you,

and oh when she dances to any music, even when you recite, surah al-fatihah,

She also knows the difference between fake remote control and the real one, and she could tell if the real one you give her is without battery,

She knows what to press when she holds any remote control, and started to look at the fan/tv to see the changes she had done, whether she changed the channel or she off the fan/aircond,

Oh seriously, there are a lot more.

But the little big things I always tell others are that she has not started to walk nor she has started to talk. And I always tell others how she is always enthusiastic or excited or over energetic about things (lasak).

She could climb the stairs up to the second level and she could go down the stairs herself, backward of course, after I taught her to go down to her cot from my bed backward and legs down first, she does that at every split level she sees.

She can’t sit still for more than 5 seconds, she has very short level of concentration on any things

She doesn’t like books or cartoons

A very small size baby, considering she has big fat parents

I always whine and I seem concerned that Iris has not progressed like some babies her age. 

Truth is,

I am not worried at all.

I know that babies grow at their own pace. I just love telling others how my baby has not reached her big milestones, it may sound like I am complaining, but fact is, deep down I am proud that I have something to tell others and that my baby is different.  

I am proud that I have such a beautiful lasak daughter and I will cherish this moment before she starts to walk and talk. To me, she is smart in her own way and I am so very proud of every little progress I see in her. She melts my heart in her many beautiful ways.

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