Thursday, October 24, 2013

Indonesian maids tak kenang budi

About 5 months ago I managed to hire one Indonesian maid through another maid that has been working with arwah nenek for over 10 years now. The first month wasn't that great, she had problem of her own, but we managed to bridge the gap and gain each other's trust. She copes well after about two months working with us. And she blends well with my mom's maid too (we are staying with at my mom's).
Just after raya she told me that her cousin wanted to come here to work and ask me if I can find an employer for her. I did, and I tried to find a nice person for her. At the same time, another friend of mine also asked me if I can help her find a maid through my maid. And we did. Both are equally in need of job, they have debts to pay off, and little stomachs to feed. I personally like maids that have difficulties in their life, so they will be motivated to work hard to earn their income. But of course, it depends on individuals, some, out of desperation will turn out to be criminals. However, judging from my maid, a religious person, responsible, and a kids lover, I thought that her relatives would somehow pose the same kind of attitude.
Went through a lot of hurdle, to bring them in, as in A LOT. I don't have to elaborate on the difficulties of bringing these two to Malaysia, they have however been solved with the help of my husband and my maid's husband.
Not long after they started working, both asked if they can go on long leave for raya haji. One of them was only allowed to go one day off and expected to come home that night, but she didn't. She stayed on for 4 nights, and after a few calls and sms of angry employer, she decided not to go back to the employer. It was soo easy for her to decide not to go back after all the money spent for her passport, tickets to Malaysia, and some money to leave for her children by her employer. And she had the guts to ask me find a new employer for her.
The other girl went back also after 4 days of holiday then ran away the next day to work in factories that supposedly giving her income of RM1k. Little did she know that some amount from the pay received has to go to rentals, food and basic necessities. What more can I say. They can betray my maid, who is actually their cousin.
I was too embarrassed to even face my friends on this issue, tapi ku gagah kan jua, but what can I do, things are beyond my control. I cannot imagine a mother of two (both of them) can just do things without thinking. They think that it is easy to switch employers as they like. Although I didn't make any profit out of getting these two maids here, I feel responsible, and so does my maid. But I can't do anything, because I am not an agent, I don't take money so there is nothing I can refund, as all the money spent goes to the passport, fines, imigresen, lodgings, food, etc.
All I can say is that I feel sorry for my friends, and lesson learnt, never trust anyone, and don't even try to help Indonesians, they want to find job here, go through agent! Serik.
Masa Acheh banjir dulu, Malaysian datang nak tolong pun, deorang campak benda to our fellow Malaysian selepas case lagu Negaraku ciplak tu, remember? So you know la my conclusion. Tak perlu cerita panjang. Tak kenang budi punya orang.
To the two girls, I lent you my money to leave with your family, akan ku halal kan duit ku... kerana aku tak ingin menunggu mu di padang mashar nanti.  (As if they know how to read this)

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