Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My first seminar

Was sent to attend a seminar called 'Financial Reporting for Insurance Business'.

Attended by some seniors/managers/directors from Big 4 accounting firms and high position personnel from big insurance company in Malaysia, being their CFO, CEO, Head of Finance and some senior executives.

Speakers were partners from Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Head of Finance of Manulife and Bank Negara Malaysia representative.

This is not about the boring, unexciting topic discussed during the seminar.

But rather about some silly stupid dumb-ass who actually attended the seminar.

Imagine, in the ballroom full of some big shots from big well known companies and the people that attended that kind of seminars are supposed to be profesional people or at least act like one lah...

But SOME PEOPLE just refuse to silent his bloody phone. And the phone goes "I wanna make love, I wanna make love"

Hah? want to make love in the middle of a seminar?

Oh, so inappropriate.

And it was not just once.. there was second time, third..fourth and fifth time throughout the day..

Oh, so rude!


Ali said...

AKON ponya nyanyian ka...muahahaha

Izrin said...

hehe.. ha ah.. :p

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