Sunday, July 27, 2008

Run along with the pros

One dreadful afternoon, Ali called me on the phone and asked if I wanted to join the relay category in the Malakoff University Duathlon race. And I said ok! I guess that was the effect of sitting next to my boss and the tension built has resulted to accepting Ali’s offer without thinking twice. And so, the registration has unofficially made me the first runner of the ‘Cekodok’ team (don’t ask who suggested the name =p) in the duathlon race.

Cekodok team consists of Ali, Ayman and myself. Ali memang a cyclist lah. Ayman pulak memang a runner. So Ali and Ayman both entered as the cyclist and the runner respectively. I am neither a cyclist nor a runner. But I do join some running events just for the sake of running. So they put me as the runner jugak lah! But since I am nowhere near a ‘fast runner’, they put me as the first runner (so if I fail, they can cover me up lah =p).

Then I realized it’s a 3.5km run-14km bike-3.5km run. I know it’s not a long run but that thought makes it even scarier. The shorter the distance, the faster they run. Ali said, “Takper, don’t worry, kita takkan last punya. I promise”. The thing is, I wasn’t at all worried if Cekodok lose. I was more concerned about being the last runner that arrived at the transition area. Gila I tell you when I arrived at the registration section, I looked around me and I see all the triathletes, the ironman, the number one runner, etc. With their running and cycling gear, I looked like those people yang tolong angkat-angkat stage, angkat banner or placing the sign boards. Hell, they were all pros!

Before the race, we actually went to McD to get sausage muffin for ourselves. I remember I enjoyed my last race so much because I had half of this muffin before I ran, and I felt more energetic than before. But I couldn’t get myself to eat, people around me were eating power bar/power gel and you expect me to eat McDonald?? Lain la Azman and Ayman, they all memang pro. I malu lah, so I didn’t eat. In my last few races, I have made two mistakes.

1. I started my 10k run with an empty stomach. Solution: Ali bought me Sausage egg McMuffin in the next race, and I felt good.
2. I started running in the front line, together with Ali, followed Ali’s pace, and I wanted to muntah already. Solution: In the next race, I made sure I let Ali go first, I just run with my mp3 , and ignored other people, and I felt good.

But why lah I never learnt my mistakes. In fact I have repeated the same mistakes in the race yesterday. I didn’t eat the McMuffin, so my stomach was empty. And since there were not many participants, I was standing there at the starting point with all the pros. So when the run started, I followed their pace!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with my empty stomach!!!!!!! And I am only an amateur!!!!!!!!

So guess what lah! Baru 100 meter or maybe less, my stomach was churning and my trachea was desperate to keluarkan the green liquid. Iyek! And it was sooo pahit. So that’s when I see everyone started to potong. Belum lagi sampai the Taman Rimba, I was pathetically walking alone.

Then, when I gained enough oxygen balik, I started to run and walk and run and walk, but mostly walk lah. When I was not even half way in the hutan rimba, the first few hundred people were already passing by for their second lap (2 laps for running). And I was not even half way through. When I was quarter way to the finishing line, some were already passing by for their second lap of cycling (3 laps for cycling). When I reached the transition area, I gelak dalam hati, there were only 4 bikes left, Ali’s, Azman’s, the tandem girls’ and I think there was one girl I potong at the finishing line. Azman reached the transition area dengan relax nya. I respect you man, I kept on saying that to everyone who asked me about the race. You are one damn cool guy. Hati memang kuat. He was the last runner, and he was smiling all the way to his bike. I wish I can be as strong as you. And I know I will! :) He wasn’t the last though in the whole race. Well done Man! I wouldn’t have the ability to complete just as how you did. And yes, Bukit Cinta (the cycling route) was not easy!

Cekodok wasn’t the last too.. heheh… Although I ran 3.5 km in 28 mins (gila cekodok), Ali made his 14km cycling within half an hour, and Ayman finished his 3.5km in 10 mins. So overall, about one and half hour lah! *wink*

Thank you Ali and Ayman, for giving me this opportunity to feel what it is like running with the pros.


Azman said...

Ah hush hush. I blush gila baca what you wrote. Haha.

Ekceli the McMuffin I ate was a mistake gak. Masa climb Bukit Cinta tu, ada terluak sikit rasa cheese kat belakang kerongkong tu. Tapi telan balik la. Haha.

Actually I didn't expect to potong you kejap masa run tu, coz Ali's been telling me you selalu training. And you've been running faster than I am all along. But now I know la you ada some trouble masa start run.

You did very well. Don't let what you see overcome the best of you. Yang appear pro tu, kadang-kadang pakai baju je pro. Tapi hati takut tu. Tapi tak kisah ah. Janji seronok. Happy-happy join orang lain race.

Untung-untung, finish within cut off. Kalau terlajak, at least dapat goodie bag. Kalau takde goodie bag, powerbar ada kasi air free. Kalau tu pun habis, kita gi makan Chili's, Ali belanja. Haha.

Izrin said...

thanks Man. haha.. u makan sampai abis the McMuffin. the last time i had it, i only ate half the other half went to perut Ali. but u telan blk, ok lah tu :p

Ali memandai je kata i training! bila masa? the last time i run was siemen's run. the last time i brisk walked, was last week. *ketuk Ali*

yes! i memang masuk utk suka2 jer. just to share Ali's interest. and u are right, untung-untung abis within cut off, tak pon, dpt goodie bag.

and you did well too.. :) keep it up man!

Isma said...

you guys cool! nanti lepak lagi masa UPNM. Keep it up!

p.s McD tu order lebih sikit. exchange ngan powergel gua nak?

Ali said...

yo!! hahaha...ko terliur kah? haha...boleh2...takde hal punya...
yeap2...upnm nnt kita jumpa lagik...

missjewelz said... baca.. tips sket : eat well nite before..but dont eat too late.ur digestive system needs rest jugak (masa u tido) .. pagi race:roti,water okay.. but dont eat too near to start time.. 40mins - 1hr before race >> powerbar!! few mins b4 race >> powergel.. haha.. tp short distance tak perlu mcm2 nieh.. haha.. but still, dont leave ur tummy empty ! congrats to izrin & ali ! jumpa di upnm.UPNM FLATter.

Izrin said...

Isma: it's a shame i wont be able to join the UPNM. But Ali will be there. You guys enjoy this weekend. and congrats to u..*wink* saw the race result. u were great! :)

ali: u sure u want to tukar mcD with power bar?? bkn mcD lg enak ker? :p

missjewelz: thanks for dropping by :) and ur tips are really helpful..!! i hope i am not degil and i will follow the tips in the next race. that will be KOTR race. hope to see u there too!

bola2api said...


if u can stomach half boiled eggs, i suggest u take 2 eggs 1 hour before race. Powerbar tuh, maybe buleh gak.. amik half bar cukup.

or u can try other yummy stuff like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or that Gardenia Toast'em bread yg sedap tapi mahels bangat.

or roti 60sen yg perisa jagung ker haper.. on race day, don't go on empty tank. but eat like 1 hour before u race.

and try these breakfast even when u train to see which works for u. good luck!

hey, and well done for MUDS. lenkali buleh buat individual race lak

Izrin said...

kak aini: thanks for the suggestion! :) wah.. all these tips dari orang terrer terrer, mesti ikut! :) bukan la i tanak mkn.. huhu.. tp on a mission to lose kgs...! tp.. i knw, breakfast mesti mkn kan? ok.. next race, i will eat an hour before.. lenkali individual?? hmm...kene suruh ali ajar berbasikal dulu lah kot.. hehe

bola2api said...

haha.. apa la.. race day is not the time to lose weight! i eat more before, during and after a race.

nak lose weight, do it on training days.. much better :)

Izrin said...

hehe..duh!! look at you! if i am as small as you pon, i tak kisah makan before, during and after a race..:p ni blom kawin lagi ni.. dah kawen nanti jadi belon, haa..say goodbye to running.. hehe

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