Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wet Barbecue

Last week (03/07/08) Azman, Ikhwan and I went to Sg Chongkak to treat ourselves with the greeneries, cooling surroundings, the river and some food galore.

We were there by 1030 and were probably one of the first few that day. As soon as we reach our point to settle down, we wasted no time in preparing the grill and charcoal.

The firestarter Azman brought made us laugh. It is called COCKBRAND. And the chiller box he brought with him is labeled LITTLE PLAYMATE

Halfway grilling the giant chicken breasts it started raining heavily. We continued anyway with some shelter and ate in the rain. It was very chilly since we were all drenched with rain.

The chefmaster preparing the meal;

Ikhwan playing with COCK brand fire starter;

6 Giant chicken breasts:

Me making sure the chicken is not burnt:

World's largest and hardest lamb chop:


iika said...

giler best!! tu pakcik yang tunggu chicken tu, to make sure chicken tak burnt ke or to make sure you get to eat all 6? :p

Ali said...

make sure tak hangus lah...

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