Monday, July 7, 2008

What are you running for?

Before the run

Ali's obsession towards the blue vest aunty.

Drenched in peluh, with Ayman who was the fastest of us three

It kept on getting better everytime. The last time I joined a 10k run was during KLIM08. 10km without proper training is not easy. I have not had time for any training during the day. Ok, let's not say training lah, coz I am not a true runner, or a devout trithlete. I really do this for fun. So doing training sound sooo kuat to me. Not suitable for someone who merely runs at 8.5mins per km. I should at least run for 45 mins everyday just to keep myself fit. But then again, do I have the time? Nottt!

To answer Siemen's question what am I running for? My answer would probably, be.. "I am running for lurveee" haha.. I just enjoy being in the crowd. I love to see their enthusiasm and their excitement, their obsession towards running. I have always admired their spirit and willpower from the first day I signed up for running. The thing with running is, you dont only see genuine runners flooding the running event. You get to see the different mixture of people join together with one mission. "To complete the run". It gives you the satisfaction. But of course la the satisfaction that I get is not the same as the fulfillment and contentment as the first one thousand people (you can guess already that I am normally at the last thousand people =p).

This 10k run wasn't as bad as the first time I ran for 10k. Prolly because I had egg Mc Muffin in the morning? :p Thanks to Ali for the tip. At least this time, I managed to run more than walking.

Earlier before the run, Ali told me that he will be doing a back track to the running route to look for me immediately after he finished. But he could not find me. Not that I lost my way, but because I was too far away from the finishing line, that if Ali were going to look for me and run back with me, he'll be doing a 14km run instead of 10!

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