Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stress mode

Spending two hours on the road, where on a normal rush hour traffic condition, it will only take me 45 minutes and on a smooth traffic condition, I will only need 15 minutes to the same destination, was not nice to start your Monday morning with. To get to my client’s office, I will have to depart four exits namely USJ 4 exit (took 20 minutes where the exit is just next to my house), USJ exit (with only two bloody exits it took me 10 minutes), Subang Jaya exit (took me 15 minutes to get out from subang jaya) and one hour and fifteen minutes had been wasted on Federal Highway to reach Selangor exit (Selangor pintu gerbang).
The news on the radio announced that the bad traffic was expected due to road blocks as there were going to be some demonstration by the PKR or something, oh well.. I didn’t bother to know. People have got to rush to work and some stupid citizens intending for demonstration. Seeing my petrol indicator moved half a bar really tics me off. Lagi-lagi when the police were not even checking on the cars. For the love of god, they just blocked two lanes and stood there like police traffic. Betul-betul menyusahkan orang!!! Don’t they know that working people in general suffer Monday morning blues? Reached client’s office at 11 am and that was the starting point of a bad day.

Thought today would be a better day. But I thought wrong. With my boss hanging around at my client’s place, the working environment is not anymore peaceful. We are already behind time, and our deadline is due in two days time. However, our dear manager does not seem to understand the meaning of deadline. Manager is not supposed to be on field anymore, but our beloved boss is always available. And when he’s around instead of leaving us alone with our work meeting deadlines, he sits there happily asking us all sorts of questions and asking us to do all sorts of things that are not even in our audit procedure.
To cut short, he looks into matters in details that sometimes not even material to the financial statements. Before he joined the firm, he was working with Bank Negara. It is nothing peculiar for Bank Negara to look things in detail. But it is foolish for an auditor to do that. A regulator and an auditor work differently.
Of course a regulator like BNM concerns about fraud error in the company’s financial statement. Hence, they put the responsibility to the management of the company to detect and prevent fraud from happening.
Auditors on the other hand are responsible to give opinion whether or not the company is stating an unbiased financial position and performance. And opinion is given after we have performed our audit procedure according to risks identified in the company. We are only giving opinion on material matters that cause misstatement to the financial statement hence; we don’t look into small figure that does not give material effect.
But boss, why la things that shows 98% lower than our threshold also you want us to investigate? You are wasting our time and our cost. At your level, you should be sitting in office and review the files. Bukan come to client’s office and increase the cost while happily being a nuisance to your staff.. Adoii.. boleh mati wooo!!

To my boss,
Please act like an auditor, not a regulator nor a person in charge in the management team. We are here not to find fraud (it is management responsibility to address that risk). We are here to tell the world whether or not their financial statement is presented fairly (unbiased). Notice we use the word ‘fair’ instead of ‘true’? Because we only look at items that are material to their financial statement. Please refer to International Accounting Standard Board Framework. And please don’t bother us with more technical issues as we need to submit our work to you by Thursday.

Thank you,

Back to my stress-mode.


john mason yg stress said...

huh..mcm case aku jer..mine lg gampang..senior x wat pape..field pn x dtg..manager plak amik lepas..budget nk file PERFECT..f**k it!!! then..of coz..amount immaterial pon nk workdone..mcm haram...sori aku tgh panas n emo ni..arghhh...ali, jom mcd!!!!

Izrin said...

i have already hired a so-called profesional assassin.Had cost me 15 grand to have him dissapeared. But they got the wrong guy! :p So today, my boss is back in office, sitting next to my place. arrgghh!

Ali said...

that hitman you hired tak habis sniper school kot sayang...

relucent said...

Wahhhh...itu macam punya cerita memang la sangat psychola. BUkan before start buat filed work dah kire materiality amount kah?

3 bulan aku buat auditing.haha.Cabut!

relucent said...


Izrin said...

omg Dug!!! 3 bln?? i have another 2 YEARS! nak vommit blood dah!mmg before buat audit dah set materiality level.. but his tolerance level is 0. #$%&*%$#@#&*& kanasai!

jaong1 said...

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