Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1 minute too late

Shall I say yesterday was my second running event? Unless if I pathetically counting Subang 10k which I delicately ran for 3km Fun Run..so yeah, yesterday would be my third. The McDonald Olympic Day Run started its route from Dataran Merdeka to don’t-know-where and back to Dataran Merdeka. I particularly wasn’t paying attention to the surrounding of the route I was taking. Considering my sense of direction is pretty weak, I didn’t even know how I came about to Bukit Tunku. Well, even though the route was hilly, I really enjoyed the scenery.

The whole running path (well, more like a walking path for me), was in fact very cooling and captivating. The smell of the wet grass, the sound of tweeting birds, and the sight of the green surroundings, really made my waking-up-early-Sunday-morning became worthwhile.

Before the run started, I told Ali that I wanted to be at the front gate. I didn’t want to be at the back because I was too afraid that I will be left alone due to my slowness, and I was terrified that I might lose my way back to Dataran Merdeka. I let thousands of other people ran at the back of me, so that I was at least convinced that I was on the right track.

When the gun went off, I started to run. I shouldn’t have followed Ali’s pace though. But I did! In view of the fact that I am in the mission of losing my ugly 10 kilos, obviously I didn’t take dinner the night before, and had nothing in the morning. So the attempt of running at Ali’s pace with an empty stomach had almost made me collapse. I started to slow down when I hit the 15th second (read it carefully, not 15th minute) and I was pleading for oxygen. I went up to the pavement and I tried to budge away from the thousands of people behind me. I could feel that my face turned burning red and I literally felt my head was blazing. So I started walking lah! I was only running down the hill, hoping not to fall.

By the 50th minute, I realized that I was mostly surrounded by veterans and school kids. I was told that the cutoff time for the 7km run is 70 minutes but at 55th minute, I was just reaching the corner to Jalan Parlimen. Luckily the last bit of the route was not mountainous anymore. So I started to run but reminded myself to do it at my own pace, even though it takes hours to complete it. The most important thing is, I enjoyed the run, got my free t-shirt and at least burnt some calories. I finished the 7km lengang-lengong-walk in 71 minutes. Slow enough, not able to witness Ali queuing up for vitagen, milo, coke, ribena, cornetto for God-knows how many times. However, hoping to say hello to Siemen’s run with some adequate training beforehand.

My new shoes are very comfy..yeayy.. and i like it. My birthday present from Ali. *wink*. And oh, congratulations to our friend Fairuz, for completing the run within cut off time, considering this was your first time.

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