Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kau pergi jua

At about 3.45 pm 12 July 2010, Maklong respired her last breathe. She started to get weak and her BP was low on Wednesday and was admitted to Kota Bharu hospital then. My mother got the news on Thursday and was planning to go to Kelantan that weekend. However on Friday, my cousin informed us that she was unconscious since morning. Doctor informed them that there is nothing else they could do other than palliative treatment, and that we could take her back if we wish to. He suggested calling all relatives to come the soonest possible.

So my parents took the earliest flight on Friday evening. I couldn’t make the decision at that time as it was supposed to be my last day at work before my study leave; hence I have got tones of things to do before I go. My brother was in a meeting, he was too could not decide if he could leave that night itself.

The next day, my brother and I decided to drive to Kota Bharu despite the fact that my parents disagreed on the idea of driving. All flights were full except MAS which was damn expensive, I couldn’t afford for two tickets. So kami nekad to drive and studied google map to look at the best and the shortest way to Kota Bharu.

We arrived late evening, and I managed to slipped into the hospital at night and saw all my cousins were there. Mak long was lying on the bed with no flesh left on her fragile bones. I broke down next to her. I called up for her, she did not respond. I held her hands so tight like telling her to open her eyes for just a little while. She did not respond.

The next morning I went to see her again. This time, all my family members were there including close friends and other relatives. Each one of the children took turn to whisper the name of Allah at her ears. Some read Surah Yassin while others just couldn’t stop crying. I sat next to Maklong again and whispered in her ears. I told her that I love her. I told her I held her hands, and was hoping if she would grip my hand. Like in the film, for once I wished for miracle. That suddenly she grips my hand, frowns a little bit, slowly opens her eyes and wakes up from the coma. But that was too much to ask from God.

I remembered the time when I stayed with her in Kelantan to study for PMR over the long school holiday. I was trying to adjust myself with the environment, and got I got sick for almost one week. She took care of me. I remember sleeping with her; she woke up every night to wash me up so my temperature could go down. She was patiently waiting for me to consume my medicine (everybody knows that I take hours eat my ubat).

Maklong with my beloved cousin, whom was so strong during the last days. She takes after her mother.

I remembered I cried when I left Kelantan to go back to KL.

Alhamdulillah, sempat menunaikan haji

Now I had to leave her again. I wanted to stay one more night, but my brother couldn’t due to other commitments, and I could not let him drive alone. So I had to go with him. I didn’t want to say goodbye. I remembered crying my heart out next to her; I knew I couldn’t see her again. Reluctantly, we left.

During her last moments

The next day, she passed away dan selamat dikebumikan yesterday at 11pm. Alhamdulillah.

Leaving behind, a loving husband, and 7 children.

If only she knew how much I love her. Al-Fatihah to Maklong. Semoga roh mu dicucuri Allah dan semoga Maklong bahagia di sana.

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