Thursday, August 7, 2008

Renung-renung kan

On the way home from office this evening, I was listening one of the radio stations (am not particularly sure if it was HotFM or EraFm). There was a tazkirah by an Ustaz which I found it to be very very true. It may seem nothing to some people, but it did actually open up my mind.

“Kita kene hormat-menghormati pada sesiapa sahaja di sekeliling kita. Kalau kita jumpa kanak-kanak, hormati mereka, kerana mereka sangat suci dari kita.

Kalau kita jumpa orang yang lebih tua, kita harus hormati mereka kerana mereka lebih banyak pengalaman dan tahu lebih banyak perkara dari kita.

Kalau kita jumpa orang yang alim dan berpengetahuan, kita harus hormati mereka kerana mereka lebih berilmu dari kita.

Kalau kita jumpa orang yang jahil, kita harus hormati mereka kerana mereka tak tahu apa-apa. Kita harus tunjuk ajar mereka.

Kalau kita jumpa orang yang banyak membuat dosa, kita juga harus menghormati mereka kerana kalau mereka bertaubat sebelum mereka mati, pahala kita belum tentu sama dengan mereka kerana kita sentiasa ingat diri sendiri baik, maka tak pernah bertaubat.”

I think what the ustaz had to say was right. In fact, we need to respect each and every soul in the world because God created every soul with different capabilities and specialties.

Don’t think that small kids have limited knowledge than you; they might know more because they are in their learning process. Don’t assume that aged people can’t run; they may be healthier than you do because as they grow older, they care about their food intake more than we do. Don’t think that fat people are ugly and unattractive; as these big size peeps may have nicer heart than you do. And don’t ever judge free-hair girls with social lifestyle are bitches as they may be the people who concern about the environment more, care about the citizens, and may also have contributed to the society better than those who stay at home all day and mengaji Quran, petang keluar duduk with other women neighbours and talk about other people.


Ali said...

that is a nice gentle reminder hun...

Izrin said...

:) thanks hun

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