Monday, April 27, 2009

JM 2009, Tour de Malaysia

My very first experience going to a cycling race. Sorry I don't know much about cycling, hence I cannot really write much as my vocab on cycling terminology is very weak..

Commissaire, peloton, breakaway, are the first few terms I learnt from Mr Ali... haha.. anyways, just enjoy the pix!

Muka Ali yg sedang marah, sebab saya lambat siap

Perodua, one of the main sponsor

Baju jacket polis yg smart bertulis 'Jelajah Malaysia 2009'

The stage, tajaan DBKL

"Bluek, dapat VIP pass, thanks to Abg Ariep"

"Aaaaahhhhh... milo free!!! siap isi dalam botol lagi"

"Hun, kita beli keta ni yeh?"

Tayar basikal Anuar Manan

"Good Luck Anuar"

Motor media pon pakai BMW

The champion, Adam

Radio Rasmi JM 09, Fly FM 95.8

Icon JM

"Tangkap gambar saya, tangkap gambar saya, nanti saya injured tak hensem"

Before the race

The winners

The best Malaysian Team

"Toink! hidung saya comel!"

I really enjoyed the event. Not that I am a cyclist. But I love the fact that our people is able to organise such great event. And it's internationally recognised!
Congratulations to Datuk Astaman and his team for making Jelajah Malaysia what it is today.
"I will definitely come again for Jelajah Malaysia in the future" - Timothy Roe, yellow jersey

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Ali said...

It was a fun Sunday hun.

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