Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramadhan 12: Buka puasa di rumah FPIL

I was invited to Ali's parent's house for berbuka puasa. When I reached there, the first thing I saw on the table was this:

Oh no, I thought to myself. We can't be eating just this? I dont eat this thing. It looks like sushi, and I know for a fact that I DONT EAT SUSHI.. i dont like raw stuff. I hate salmon, I can vommit myself just looking at it uncooked.

Jenuh jegak memikirkan how the hell am I gonna eat this. i have never eaten sea-weed my whole life. And I didn't know the isi rolled inside.

Later I was told that it is called "Kimbap", korean food. Not sushi, and no salmon :)

I warned Ali "Don't ever mention that I don't eat these things..Nanti kecik hati mak dia". Well, if I'm gonna be in this half korean family, I have gotta try this, right. 

Then, Ali's mother served Asam Pedas!!!


My all-time fav! But it got me thinking, how the hell am I gonna eat this asam pedas with kimbap? Cicah ke.. or celup ke.. konfius...

Alhamdulillah ada satay (may fav) juga menjadi santapan..

Apa LAGI?? Sambil memikirkan macam mana nak makan kimbap ni, tanpa disedari saya dah belasah satay bercucuk-cucuk. Ali pulak takder la nak peduli ajar saya macam mana nak makan.. dia buat derkk jer!!

I waited until the first person yang ambik kimbap tu untuk dimakan, and learned how to eat. Makan camtu ajer...!!!! So bismillah, saya pun cuba.


Hah! Berketul-ketul saya makan.. then Ali taruk nasi putih lagi atas pinggan untuk di makan with asam pedas.. argghh!!! heaven!

Kenyang giler ok.


Dina said...

:) nakkk kimbapp

Izrin said...

:) nanti i belajar ok.. hehe..

ismasepet said...

k.izrin, i miss the kimbap moment where ali would bring a big tupperware(but doesnt contain that much as in ur pic)and gv them to us in the store! he used to bring some to the store dulu but mcm xda org layan, maybe sbb they dont eat raw like u. then after i belasah kasi licin, the next time dia bawak the whole tupperware-HEAVEN GILER! please belaja ok? nnt u can gv me pulak! =P

ismasepet said...

k.izrin, sedap kan? miss eating it, at least for free! used to belasah this small tupperware when ali brought it to the store for all partners to rasa2. tp i belasah kasi licin since org lain mcm x layan. the next time he came, the whole tupperware is mine! heaven! nnt u learn from ur MIL ok? then u can tapau for me pulak! =)

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