Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ramadhan 14: buka puasa with my boss

Probably the most expensive buka puasa this year.

When she asked me which kind of food I'd like to eat, (I always like to eat nasi with lauk biasa for buka) I thought since my boss is non-malay, kesian la pulak nak bawak dia pergi local buffet spread. So I suggested for International buffet.

Pasta, (the best I had over there)

The western side (I don't eat lamb, so I didn't take this)

The Japanese spread (far on the left on top is octopus..my first time eating eat. Yucks!! hanyir!)

They have got some rice as well (mushroom rice). But the lauk no so tempting laaa.. So I didnt take pun. But I did take some rendang chicken, fish lemon, and chicken skewer. Unfortunately, that was my first dish. I was so hungry sampai lupa nak tangkap gambar. :>

Yabbies (nampak besar tapi tipu jer tu... yg besar tu kepala dia jer)

Tempura, ayam bbq, udang rempah, sausage skewer


Banyak lagi desserts that they served. They got fruits, ample of cakes, ice creams, jeruk buah, rojak buah, keropok...and few other things. But was too full to even look at it..Kenyang giler!

Venue: Rennaisance International buffet
Price: RM90 per pax (boss belanja, takper :))
Rate: 3/10 (so expensive with limited choice of food. Not very nice pun.....Parking for 2 hours after validation is RM 10!!! Original parking is RM 40 for the 2 hours..haihhh)

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