Sunday, September 9, 2012

Raya 21 - 2012

Dah 21 hari raya, baru la berkesempatan nak jumpa my bffs. Dah la bulan puasa tak jumpa langsung. But anyway, Dyla's open house memang la rumah yang ditunggu setiap tahun.

From left: ShoN, Ira, me, Dini, Myra, Dyla, Nad and Asma

So happy to meet everyone. Especially the moms to be! I call ourselves, the dragon mummies. That's because all of us who are pregnant will be delivering in the year of dragon, insyaAllah. Except for Dini though. Not sure when is her due date. She will be dragon mom also if she delivers before 10th Feb 2013.

Macam mana pun, so very happy to meet up and sharing checkup experiences.

 I look like I'm gonna pop real soon don't I? Haihh tapi hakikatnya, lambat lagi.. heheh!!

Can't wait for next meet up with the girls, hopefully..very soon.

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