Thursday, May 28, 2009

I got screwed

I left the house at 8.20 am today as usual and I headed straight to office.

The moment I hit the road, I realized that there were less car today compared to any other day. My drive to the office was very smooth and to my surprise, I reached my office in Pusat Bandar Damansara in slightly less than half an hour where it would normally take me 45 minutes at minimum.

I thought to myself “Is this a bad sign?”

I reached office, opened up my locker and found a stack of documents that my boss was looking for the whole week. I kept telling her that I haven’t seen them but in actual fact, they were in my locker all the while.

I handed them to my boss and I got screwed up.

Later, I called one of my clients. Apparently, she told the heads and the big bosses that I said something I have never said before. I got to know about this yesterday and I got screwed up for the first time by my boss.

So I called her this morning to clarify that it was very illogical for me to say such things, and she kinda admitted that she did it just to cover her fucking ass. So I got the bad name instead. She laughed over the phone, I felt like slapping her on the face. Fucking bitch. The conversation was done on a loud speaker, so my boss could hear it too, to show that I was on the right side.

I got screwed again because my boss said I was too nice to client that they can easily taking advantage on me. And when I told this to Ali, I got screwed up another time, with the same comment. I shouldn’t have been unreasonably nice to people.

Then, I went to see my mentor, to discuss on my performance during the year because I am due for promotion. I submitted two performance reviews because I had only been auditing two big clients during the year, with one insignificant client and the rest is my study leave.

I just knew that I was supposed to submit at least 6 performance reviews, meaning that I was supposed to be servicing at least 6 clients a year?

Again, I got screwed up! I will not be able to get myself promoted this round, because I am doing fucking ICAEW that requires me to take at least 1.5 months to study and I kept failing my papers, hence sacrificing my audit period.

So after the review, I went to my client’s office. I received a call today from a friend and I got to know that a close friend of mine ran away from home undetected for 2 days. Of course we were so worried. Worried because a lot of things.

Falling out of love, another affair, kidnapped, accident, run away from Along, and all other possibilities.
I told Ali about this, just a matter of sharing. And he said I was too kecoh about this, he doesn’t see this as a big problem. I got screwed up again!!!

1. Boss, I am sorry that the documents were with me all the while, I lost touch because I had a lot of things to do. Everything was dumped on me, so it is natural that I lose certain things.

2. Dear client, I hope you burn in hell! Boss, yes, I am nice. So I know audit is not for me. You know I will chow once I finish my papers. Ali, I don’t need you to tell me that I was wrong. Because I already know my mistake.

3. My mentor, I don’t care anymore if I don’t get promoted.

4. To my friend, please come home and don’t make everybody worries about you. Ali, I just wanted to share. Yes, I am a little bit kecoh. But my friends will do the same to help me if say one day YOU leave me with no words and undetected.

Sorry.. just venting.

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