Sunday, April 18, 2010

My name is

When I was in school, I had a senior whose name was Mohd Izrin.

Back then, I got to know that there was another boy in school by the name of Izrin.

When I tell people my name is Izrin, people would spell my name with double E - Izreen. (Izrin sounds so boyish, I guess)

I have not known any girl that shares the same name as mine,

I started to doubt about the feminism of my name.

So I asked my mom.

She said she named me after a girl she barely knew back in college. She was tall, slim, pretty, rich and was driving a sportscar. Although I do not carry any of the above criteria, I am genuinely happy that at least there is another girl in this world that has Izrin as her name.

After so long, today I discovered something...

Izrin IS really a boy's name!!!!!!!!!


myra said...

u ni chomel sgt la izrin!! u make izrin a girl name, coz u r so soft and sweet!

Izrin said...

myra.. i dah marah my mom :( haha...:p

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