Friday, April 23, 2010

Bila nak cepat

Bad luck always hit me whenever I am in hurry,
When I have got something important to catch,
When I am rushing for submissions,
When I am due for anything.....

I was preparing for my presentation report for a meeting with the top management of my client. Chronology of what happened during my journey for the finalisation of the report:

Two days before the meeting, I had migrain. A really bad one. So I left my client's place quite early and I just immediately slept when I reached home. So I have practically wasted the whole day because I was really sick and still forcing myself.

After sleeping, I woke up to continue working. It was 10pm at night. I was surfing the net to get some information, suddenly got popups saying that I need to install antispyware because my machine has been infected by virus. I ignored, but it kept coming up, then i clicked NO. But it kept popping up. Then, my whole Internet Explorer got shut down. And I couldn't open it, The popups kept popping up.

I had to shut down the whole laptop. Scared if my whole laptop got infected by virus trojan. So my time was wasted again.

The next day went and repaired my laptop, it took me half a day.

Stayed back in office until 5 am in the morning to be ready for the next day meeting.

I tried to sleep even for two hours. My alarm did not ring, Or probably I stopped the alarm instead of snoozing it. I was already late. Then I forced myself to wake up, I heard cars honking outside. Like it never jammed before. Jam giler!!!! Oh shit, and I only had an hour.

Nothing is worse than waking up late on a morning where you are suppose to have early meeting, and these happened:

- Ubat gigi habis
- Baju x iron lagi
- Toilet bowl tak boleh flush
- Your one and only black office shoes patah tumit
- Arrived later than your big big bossssss

Other things around you will not co-operate so don't rush for anything. The more you rush for things, the worse things will get.

Screw deadlines.

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Anonymous said...

when life throw ice at you, you make ice kacang and enjoy...hehe

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