Sunday, October 19, 2008

Accountants are boring

The other day I was asking Ali, why people always say chartered accountants are boring. Even my lecturer says this to us, “Please don’t score above 80% in your exams. Coz then you’ll be a prize winner. Well if people know you are a prize winner, they won’t talk to you. So just score safely at passing mark.” Or he’ll tease us by saying something like “If you go to a party and you say you’re a chartered accountant, people will slowly get away from you, so don’t you ever say you’re an accountant.” And that kept me bogged down thinking why the hell people hate accountants so much.

Finally I got the answer.

If you compare accountants with all other professionals, accountants live in their own world. The things that reel in their heads are unexciting and monotonous.

If your friend is a doctor, you can at least talk about things that related to human body. They’d be delighted to share their knowledge and expertise with you, and you as well will be fascinated to know human anatomy coz it is something to do with your body. At least there are things to talk about.

If you speak to a lawyer, yes, they can be boring sometimes if they come out with “In the so-and-so Act…” or they’ll come out with terms such as “Certiorary, prima facie, preponderance of evidence, adjudication, bona fide etc…” sometimes, you don’t even understand. But they are engrossed with the law of the land, the law of human relationships that underlines the civil obedience, economics and society. And guess what? You need this in your everyday lives. Each day you live, you are tied up with law. Civil law, Family law, Criminal Law, Land Law, Administrative Law is all associated with you each day. So you’ve got to be aware of those and yes, at least, there are some things that lawyers can get you occupied about.

Speaking to engineers depends on which field they are major in, they too can be as useful. My brother told me once (he’s going to be one) that filling up petrol is better to be done at night rather than during the day. Although I can’t really remember his explanation about particles and don’t-know-what, I find it rather useful because his explanation came to an end of concluding more fuel flows in at night and you’ll get more petrol in your tank. And he also said something like pumping the fuel slowly so that…..hmm.. I seriously can’t digest the scientific explanation behind that but basically you’ll get more fuel la.. Sorry.. I was not a science student. Like what I told Ali before, to get an A1 in my Science subject, I used to memorize my science experiments without understanding them, because I knew I’ll never understand them.

But accountants?????? You wouldn’t want to know what’s on accountants mind. Many people associate money with accountants. Dey! Tell me who doesn’t want money la? Accountants are not the people who make money for the company. Wrong concept. Accountants are the people controlling money activity in a firm so you don’t waste too much and at the same time, you don’t keep too much money in your firm without rolling in to other activities. Boring already? Yes, accountants are boring people. They do boring things and they are concerned about boring matters.

Tell me who’d want to know about what the International Accounting Standard says about how property should be accounted for in the financial statements? Who’d be attracted to know about issuing a redeemable share is a debt rather than equity? And you’ll go “Whaaat? What the hell is equity?” The things that whirl in accountants’ mind do not interest the public. Believe me you’d rather be stuck in a deserted island alone rather than baffling with another accountant in that island.

A friend once grumbled after calculating her sales the whole day.

Friend: Ah, pening kepala aku tengok nombor je satu hari ni. Migraine aku tau! Macam mana kau kerja hari-hari tengok nombor? Tak pening ke?
Me: Nak pening amendenya? I see numbers macam words. I spell and I read numbers.
Friend: Gila!

On another occasion with my other friends when I couldn’t work out what’s RM215 divided by 3 people.

Friend: Ha accountant pon fail kira.
Me: Excuse me, I’m an accountant, not a mathematician
Friend: Duhh, what’s the difference?
Me: Difference is, mathematicians calculate numbers, but accountants read numbers.
Friend: Read numbers? Crazy!

Had a chat with my lecturer in one of those lecture days.

Lecturer: Only an accountant understands another accountant’s joke.
Me: Does that mean we have to find an accountant as our life partner since it takes another accountant to understand our joke?
Lecturer: Nooooooooo! One in a family is enough..

This entry is boring? I’m an accountant what do you expect.. haha..

There’s a saying “Don’t marry a chartered accountant! They’ll bore you to death.”

Ali, are you gonna take a step back? :p


fairuz said...

hahha..nice one izrin..betol gak are not boring ppl, they just get excited over boring things!!! hahahaahaha...malas ah keje, nk bukak kedai jual menan la...

Izrin said...

:) omg!! i just realised that i am a boring person.. hahah..
u nak bukak kedai jual menan? i ada cita-cita nak buka tadika...

Azealea Dz said...

hi dear..i find that accountants are xtremely sexy in their own way.especially when they are busy punching on the calculator, asking me where did that extra money went for certain months and etc :) married to one myself, and never find him boring or what so ever! plus, i have someone who does our monthly budget without fail!weeee

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