Sunday, February 21, 2010


A friend of mine, Nyna who is a very active member of the Original Bootcamp (OBC) has always invited me to join the introduction programme, well they call it Bring-A-Friend-Day, and it’s free. Unfortunately, it’s on Friday morning at Padang Merbok, KL. I really think it’s very inconvenient for me to go and there’s no shower place, hence I can’t be possibly going there at 5.30am and the next hour running back home in Subang Jaya to shower and go back to KL for work. It’s just not convenient. So I have never accepted the offer.

However, last week, Ali told me that a friend of his, Sarep together with his girl, Fariza are also members of the OBC. But they join the one in PJ and their introduction session was Saturday (yesterday). So I agreed to join. Was excited. Everyone thought it was more like hot-hot-chicken shit kinda thing. Even I thought so.

But, there I was at Padang Utara, PJ, at 5.30am.

Warming up was like jogging back and forth for few meters. Lesson learnt: Don’t stand anywhere near Ali. When he ran at my back he told me to go faster. When he was running in front of me, he left gaps like 3 obese people pun can fill in. Heheh..
The activities yesterday was more focused on the strength of your muscles. They were all good, but for a beginner like me……. SAKIT, BEB!!!

The gist is, not to stop until they tell you to do so. Keep on doing it even at a slow pace. If they see you walking when you are supposed to run or stop doing something you are supposed to do, it adds up to the number of rounds you have to run and your activity will take longer. I can’t really describe the activities, I don’t really know the names of the exercises and…I didn’t do them properly pun. Haha..:D But, it was fun. Macam team building kinda thing but more to military exposure. FUN+PAINFUL.

I felt like I was in the Biggest Loser Asia. Except that the trainers are better looking. Hehe..
So after that….McDonald. [Ni la masalah kita. Exercise gila-gila, pastu breakfast nasi lemak, McD, roti canai…:p]

So this is how some of my runner friends get their stamina... you have to be committed, enjoy the early morning breeze, muds on the ground, enjoy looking at cute instructors, baru boleh ada motivation to join OBC.. hehe otherwise.. tidur je laaa.. :p
If you ask me if I were to do it answer would be, YES. But three times a week? NO-NO-NO-NO-NO. I will only join once a month bring-s friend-day if allowed. hehe.. :)


Ms Dreamer said...

yayyy!! glad you both have tried it.. :D best tak dapat free mud spa? hehe

they're doing a one week free trial this week only if you're interested... have sent the email to your gmail, ali!

Ali said...

got ur email was fun..
but i have trouble getting up lah...hehe..pagi tadi pun tak bangkit..

Izrin said...

hey nana... unfortunately i didnt join the trial. not that i didnt like it.. but i felt that its vr inconvenient for me to travel ard. kalau tak kerja takpe. :( i dunno if i can join the bring a friend session every month. hehe

Nurul 'Ain Mohd Amin said...

eh babe,i know that Fariza..die study kat KPTM dulu kan?

Izrin said...

err..i think soo..hehe she is my bf's gf. :)

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