Friday, February 12, 2010

We oso celebrate, maaah!

My client dropped by in our workplace earlier today. He asked if anyone of us are going back hometown. One of my staff is a local so she celebrates CNY in KL. The other is just going back Seremban and I answered, yes as my family and I are visiting my grandparents in Ipoh. But to avoid the bad traffic on Saturday, we plan to leave on Sunday night to the north.

My client say “Tengok, biasalah macam tu kan… orang cina yang celebrate, tapi banyak yang penuh kat jalan raya balaik kampong is orang melayu, kan? Bagi la chance kat orang cina balik kampung”. I was damn annoyed with his statement.

Short of saying, “Kita ni orang Malaysia, semua orang dalam Negara ni enjoy each holiday given tak kisah la celebrate ke tak. Anyway, kita kan One Malaysia. Kenapa kene ada diskriminasi? Kalau bulan puasa pun the Chinese would also enjoy the food bazaar every evening”.

But I didn’t. Because saying these, would have to make myself sound rude.

But I am still annoyed.

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