Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Trainees

If you are not mentally prepared,
please don't apply for this job.

If you are not strong,
please don't ever think of applying this job.

If you you think you are the type to be home by 6pm,
this is not the right job for you.

If you think you need your senior to babysit you all the time,
this is not right for you.

If you think you can't do multitasking,
don't apply this job at all.

If you don't know how to lie,
don't ever think of being an auditor.

If you can't work with me,
you definitely can't work with anybody else.

I wasn't about to give you a bad rating.
But you went and complaint about me.
That shows you didnt understand what I was lecturing you about.

You didn't report when you were supposed to come in.
The next day when you finally did, you came in at 11am? You think you own the firm?
And when you finally arrived at 11, you told me that you were gonna go for breakfast. Oh, really thought you were working for your father, weren;t you?

When other seniors came in office at 10am, you come in at 11am. wah, sungguh boss.
When other people were busy and stressed, you started to pack at 5.15pm sharp to go home.

You take your own farking sweet time to do your work.
You were rude.
You lied all the time.

You have a serious attitude problem, girl.

I wish i can squeeze your head and throw it to the wall, pijak-pijak sampai hancur.
That's how much i hate you.

If you ever show up'll never gonna see the sun.

mode: stress dengan trainee.


Ali said...

cibai punya betina

reen-not-green said...


belasah saja itu perempuan!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Haaaahhh!!!!!! Traineees!!!
A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izrin said...

I knowwwwww!!!!!!!! biotch.

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