Saturday, March 22, 2008

The recipe of love

Author: Babydoll

I know this little recipe,Which isn't hard to make.Once you mix the contents,This recipe you don't bake.
Two cups of flattery,Thats carefully concealed.Never allow the mixture,To get clogged or congealed.
One cup of kindness,A bowl of conversation.One cup of understanding,Mixed with consideration.
A large cup of faithfulness,Not given all at one time.Spread this out evenly and,The mixture will be just fine.
One cup of pure courtesy,And a dash of human kindness.Make sure it's all in proportion,For a blend that is the finest.
At this point you should add,Two tablespoons of love salt.And one cup of blindness,To erase the others faults.
Add a large pinch of praise,A cup of pure extract of trust.Now to get this mixture right,All of the above is a must.
Add a very small pinch of in lawsA VERY VERY small pinch indeed.Now blend together in your bowl,Remember to add one loving seed.
Add one reasonably large dash,Of generous consideration.Stir well and blend, Now add,A very large pinch of admiration.
Two teaspoons of "I'm sorrys",The mixture is now nearing the end.And once you have it just right,You can pass the recipe to your friend.
Now flavour with a large dash,Of memories thats warm and tender.Don't put it in the oven,I said at the start, Remember?.
Stir well and remove speck of jealousy,Criticism, Temper and put downs.I forgot you have to add a few smiles,And at this point remove any frowns.
Sweeten well with generous amounts,Only the finest blend of love.And at the end of this mixing,You'll have what it is you've dreamed of.
Remember and keep this mixture warm,With a steady flame of pure devotion.And at the very end of this mixture,You should have a special magic potion.
Season with lots of warm sweet hugs,And also a pinch of holding hands too.This sweet recipe I have for love,Is being made especially for you.
Dont ever serve with cold shoulder,Or even your best hot tongue.Last but not least for the mixture,Add a love song that needs to be sung.

A good recipe indeed. Relationship is not just about 'liking somebody'. Not about just for the sake of being somebody's partner. It is about love that needs to be added with these ingredients to make it tastier, and relationship would be a magical thing you'd never knew. Is it too much to ask aa boys? Is it too difficult to bake love? :p
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