Saturday, March 8, 2008

Malaysia Decides

8th March 2008
12th General Election
BBC news reported that the National Coalition (Barisan National) is expected to win but with narrower margin compared to the 2004 General Election.

With the controversial issues brought up by the Opposition Parties for the past 6 months they are also expected to win more seats compared to the last General Election. I am happy and satisfied that the process of voting was smooth and went well. The number of people turning up to vote was also quite convincing. I did not expect to be queuing at 0820 in the morning to vote.

The results are expected to be ready by midnight.

Helicopter joke:

PakLah, Samy Vellu and a pilot are on board a helicopter flying above KL.

PakLah: I have two RM50 notes with me, if i throw it out of this chopper I will make
2 people happy.

Samy Vellu: I have a better plan. If I throw one hundred RM 1 notes, I shall make 100
people happy.

Pilot: Mine is even better! If I throw both of you out of my chopper, I will make 23
million people happy.

Happy Voting folks....


iika said...

Not happy with the voting result

Ali said...

Few million Malaysians in 5 States think otherwise bie.

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