Thursday, March 13, 2008

Redmen are The Best

This article is taken from LFC website:

New research suggests teams who play in red jerseys are the most successful.

Analysis of post-war league results in England shows teams whose strips are predominantly red win more often, get more points and finish higher in the league on average compared with those who wear other colours.

Scientists believe the colour can confer an advantage in competitive sports because opponents subconsciously associate it with aggression and dominance.

Professor Martin Attrill, of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Plymouth, said: "Previous evidence from studies on combat sports and psychological tests suggest that competitors wearing red perform better than average.

"It is believed the colour can stimulate deep-rooted aggressive and dominance in competitive situations. Similarly research shows players who encounter opponents in red display more defensive reactions."

The researchers, whose work is due to be published later this year in the Journal of Sports Sciences, looked at the percentage of home wins and average points per game for 68 top clubs playing primarily in red, blue, white, yellow/orange and other between 1947 and 2003.

Teams with red strips were found to have won the league 60 per cent of the time, compared with 20 per cent for those in blue, despite more wearing blue.

They gained an average of 1.84 points per home game, compared with around 1.79 for blue and white teams and 1.75 for those playing in orange or yellow.

All results were standardised to three points for a win, a change introduced in 1981.

Merseyside provides all the evidence needed that red brings more glory than blue, though trends in Manchester and north London also support the findings.

Other football towns where red was deemed best were Nottingham, Bristol, Stoke and east London.

Sheffield United were the only team with a red home kit who did worse than their non-red rivals – Sheffield Wednesday.

Come May 2008 will it be another team in red to win the Champions League?
It could either be Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester United or even Roma. We shall find out then.

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