Friday, March 28, 2008

Ready or Not Here I Come...

Went to Wisma OCM to collect the race number and timing chip. My number will be F5403 and Ayman's number is F5404. To be honest I am quite nervous and not so confident with myself to finish the run. It is very obvious to me that I will not be finishing the run comfortably and since physical training has been really below average, I might want to strengthen the mental aspect of the run. No doubt it will be painful and difficult eventhough it is just a half marathon. An avid runner will definitely finish his full marathon even before I can finish half of his distance. But that does not mean I should not run right? After all running is all about discovery. This is when I communicate with my body and mind to focus on the distance ahead, swallow the pain and not to give up until I have put everything to the limit and by that I hope my limit will last 21 km this Sunday. Personally I am really hoping that I can finish the run. Timing? That is not really a concern as long as I can finish within the cut off time.

It is going to be quite frustrating to get DNF on my name in the official results later.
But having said that I shall also prepare myself in case I am unable to finish it. There's always another time and place to attempt it again.

Hoping to see friends at the run and also looking forward to makan berdosa after the run.

Apa yg dimaksudkan dengan makan berdosa bukanlah memakan makanan yang tidak halal atau kotor. Cuma 'berdosa' adalah label yg kami (Azman, Ayman, dan saya) gunakan terhadap makanan yg lazat dan menggemukkan jika dimakan hari-hari.

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