Monday, March 31, 2008

My "Quarter Marathon" run

“Jangan kata 5km, 200 metre pecut pun, tak pernah buat” That was the first thing that came to my mind when my friend Rozel helped me to register for the 10k KL Intermational Marathon. I was in office that Saturday evening when I just suddenly thought of joining the run. I thought to myself what the hell, just do it. Its not that I’m gonna be shot to death bila tak abis 10km. Bukannya kene denda telanjang bulat kalau tak habis the run. So? Masuk je lah! When I always heard Ali telling me about his cycling and running friends, what interest me is perempuan-perempuan yang boleh berbasikal sepanjang 150km dlm satu hari, perempuan yg boleh berenang over 1km, berbasikal 40km and berlari lagi 10km berturut-turut, lebih lebih lagi those women are married women. Just how you people find the strength and the time to do it lah! But anyways, I have to start somewhere. So that’s when the 10k run came into the picture.

I heard one pakcik was saying “alah, 10km, tak payah lari, jalan laju-laju je all the way sure boleh habis sejam setengah” wah.. itu pembakar semangat. So I was thinking, ok kalau macam tu, aku jalan kaki je laju-laju. Tapi bila turun bukit, lari lah sikit. Konon-konon bila buat macam tu, boleh la habis within cut off time. tapi alamak… sampai je kat The Weld, ana sudah penat lah! That’s when I realized I was walking with the 7km kids and I was wondering where the hell those 10k people were. I think I was one of the last people lah yang reach at the finishing line. The first 500 people dapat medal. Haihhh, mesti lah I tak dapat. The cut off time was 1:30 but I completed my run at 1:40. macam tak percaya I ran for 10k. I may not have finished on time, but I was happy I managed to finish. I remember the last time I joined Subang run, out of 500 people, I was the 499. Me and a friend, Aziati siap pegi kedai runcit beli air and duduk tepi jalan chit chatting. Sampai dah tak ada policemen jaga the jalan raya. By the time we reached the finishing line, with me doing a bit of running towards the end, so I didn’t become the last one, OAG was already on stage performing menandakan the event was ending. I was really glad that my Quarter marathon didn’t turn up to be like that.

I can still remember what Ali said to me the night before the run. Something that helped me prepare my mental strength, helped me went through the run confidently, this is what he said.

“For you to wake up in the morning for the run, for you to be there at the starting point, for you to even start the 10k run, you are already a winner”

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Ali said...

congratulations...i am so proud of you.

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