Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome back! Hopeful

Dah lama kan tak post :) The last post i was writing was on 17 November 2011, another review of my reception..but it never get posted!

Reason? Because I ended my job as a temporary housewife and started my new job in KL. I became very busy, had to live separately with my husband... when we only had weekends together. Hence, I stopped blogging for a while.

I never realised that I had a lot of silent readers, left me so many emails, that I failed to reply. Some bride-to-be came across this blog and asked me questions and guidance through emails, and, I failed to reply them on time. Sorry sangattttt!!!

Truthfully, I seldom check my gmail since I stopped blogging. So its really not because i do not want to reply, bukan sombong, bukan kedekut nak share stories. But i reply all the emails immediately bila terbaca.

Friends also dropped me messages to continue updating the blog. Well, insyaAllah, I shall start again. But those who requested me to update my Bertandang review... I think..better not! Sudah satu tahun lebih woooorrr!!!

I shall just share some pictures, when I have the time to upload later. One of the reader who dropped me messages and wanted to see my baju songket bertandang, I have guided you to my FB page, I hope you found it!

Dah satu tahun lebih berlalu, I surely have a lot of updates about my life.

My new chapter begins.

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