Monday, August 27, 2012

Raya 8 - 2012

Hari raya ke lapan baru nak gi open house.

First, I went to bff Zetty's open house in Subang Jaya. Walaupun it was my first house for the day, I reached there pun almost 4pm already.. Hubby had a migrain, so kene tunggu dia tidur and recover from the migrain.

Walaupun lambat, managed to catch up with some old friend, Iena and Nadia. But did not manage to take photo with them. Tapi sempat bergambar with my friend, Aziati that has been working in the US for quite some time now, dah lama tak jumpa.

With Aziati and Zetty, the tuan rumah
Had my lunch there, makan kueteow goreng basah yang sangat sedap.

After that, shoot to bff Dini's house in Kota Damansara. Dapat jumpa another old friend, Sarah, my college mate. Tapi, jugak tak dapat bergambar with her. Only managed to take foto with my Subang girls. Biasalah, my Subang girls ni memang giler camera sket, pegi mana pun sure amik gambar. ;)

Back: Ali, Stewart, Dzue's fiance, Adri (with ARR), Hadi, Riz and Dini
Front: Me, Dzue, Nadira, Aziati, Myra and LA

Chewah, siap caption perkenalan lagi... Anyway, dekat sini, makan Spagetthi home-made yang sangat best, and satay kajang.

Oh, I love open house with good food!

Pic courtesy: Aziati Wan Haron

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