Saturday, August 11, 2012

1 year old marriage

We celebrated our first year anniversary pergi holiday, no fancy dinner, no fancy hotels. We just went to Cherating.

We booked ourselves Eastern Pavillion by Holiday Villa in Cherating.

It has villas that are named according to the states that we have in Malaysia. Ours was Johor Pavillion.

This is our private villa...

With private pool..

This is the hall of the villa. It has a separate toilet from the room's

The room with attached bathroom

Ini tepi laut, ada tempat lepak-lepak. 

Different from our first honeymoon at Tanjung Jara, laut dia putih. Which I personally prefer Tanjung Jara's laut yang sangat biru warnanya. 

Nothing much nak review about this place. It has great villa and service dia so-so lah. I still prefer Tanjung Jara which has first class service. They treat you like King! Not in Cherating la of coz.

Food wise, makanan dia biasa jer. Not fair to comment coz we only had breakfast there. Other times, we eat outside or tapau KFC back to the villa. (Jauh wooo nak cari KFC, tapi teringin punya pasal...) 

Villa rate, I think that overall, Cherating ni more expensive. In Tanjung Jara, the rate was about RM2k plus for two person, makan 3 times a day, with 3 course meal, every meal. That is all inclusive. Although it was the cheapest room that we could get, it was good enough.

Eastern Pavillion's rate was about RM1k plus, just the room! Not even breakfast was included. If we were to eat in the hotel jer like we had in Tanjung Jara, ntah berapa la agaknya total bill. 

Chewah, asyik puji Tanjung Jara jer ni... ye lah.. berbulan madu pertama kali... Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain.. haha!

Tapi yang different about this honeymoon than the first one.. kali ni.. datang bertiga, bukan berdua lagi dah...

Yes, alhamdulilah.. ada seorang lagi dalam perut yang baru nak menjadi masa tu.. :) :) Bak kata orang, no more honeymoon... It's babymoon! Atau erti bahasa lain adalah, berbulan baby.


DalilaMian said...


Tahirah A. said...

congrats izrin!! many weeks dah?
Btw, tanjung jara kat mana? sounds interesting :)

Izrin said...

Dalila: Thanks babe :) :)

Tahirah: Thanks dear! sudah 21 weeks now. Btw, congrats to you too on ur new babyborn! so cute laaaa!!chubby! geram!! hihih

Izrin said...

Oh Tahirah, btw, Tanjung Jara dekat Terengganu, its by YTL. u shud go there nanti! best sgt!!! ;)

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